30×30 – the recap

Hey! I’m 30 now! Sorry for the absence – things have been just a little crazy ’round here – but here’s my better late than never 30×30 recap! I’m fairly pleased with my efforts.

The completed items:

1. Vacation somewhere tropical. Woop! Hawaii! Best vacay EVERRRR.

2. Host a girl’s night in. Hosted a few of these shindigs.

3. Make that bikini body happen. I’m counting it because I worked my butt off, and wore one in public, but it definitely should go back on the to-do list..

4. Get totally glammed up and go dancing and clubbing allll night. Couple times in Vegas.

5. Attempt snowboarding. Done!


6. Buy a piece of art from a local artist.

7. Take a dance class. I took belly dancing for a few months – want to do it again!

8. Go on a mega hot date – red lipstick required. Vegas for JB’s 30th!

9. Go ice-skating. It was awesomely dorky.


10. Take a day off of work, drive somewhere remote and take photos. It wasn’t exactly remote, but it was me, wilderness, coffee and a camera, and it was good.

11. Get a massage. This was actually phobia-conquering. I was totally freaked about the idea of a stranger touching me for an hour. But now that I know it’s actually awesome and not skeevy, I’ll take one every week, please.

12. Find a charity to donate to yearly. Donating to Farm Sanctuary. They are awesome – check them out!

13. Attempt rock-climbing. Indoor climbing, but I’m counting it!


14. Finish my Master’s Degree. Graduated in June! Quite possibly the most gratifying moment of the year.


15. Pay off my student loans. YES. This happened. 7 years after my undergrad was completed, I finally owned it.

16. Grow my hair out as long as possible. It’s stopped growing for about the last year, however… the hell?

17. Strive to find my style. Don’t purchase things I only *kind of* like. Buy things that are awesome. Make things. Thrift things and fix them up.  This is always in progress I guess. 🙂

18. Write my bucket list. I’ve made a good draft, and I’ll post it eventually..

19. Become more self-sustaining for the long-term. This is an ever-evolving project/goal, but I’ve made strides! We have chickens now, a decent garden, and I’m always learning to do some old-timey way to do something. I’ve been making my own lotions, deodorants, body sprays and shampoo. I’ve cut out soda and many processed foods and I’ve been making my own herbal teas. Next up is canning, and herb drying!


20. Do at least one volunteer project, if not something on-going. Counting it because I started volunteering with Farm Sanctuary, but now I want to find something local.

21. Go to New York. Done! nyc

22. Cook something that involves lighting it on fire. Yep, Valentine’s Day 2013. It was kind of a failure, but at least I made the attempt.

23. Master the Crow pose and Wheel pose in yoga. This is a really big accomplishment for me! These aren’t the most advanced poses, but I have overcome some really prohibiting wrist issues to being able to do some wrist/palm balancing poses I never thought I’d be capable of. There was a time not too long ago I couldn’t type without pain killers!

24. Build a piece of furniture. Not a revamp, but an actual follow-some-plans-and-make-it-myself. Done!


And the following were not completed, though some are in progress. I plan to do them all at some point soon but didn’t make the deadline:

25. Go to a FANTASTIC music festival. I was planning a Portland/Sasquatch Music Festival trip planned to go for my 30th birthday this year but things got a little messy when I had to take off so much work due to being sick and injured this May/June. Bummer!

26. Take a road trip. See number 25.

27. Go to Portland. See number 25.

28. Buy a fabulously girly head-to-toe outfit and plan a fabulous day wearing it. Half done – I did find a great dress..

29. Hike to an overnight camping destination.

30. Create my own art. Not just crafty.. but actually paint something totally original. This is in progress, but not nearly complete.

I’m ok with my 80% completion, and definitely plan to finish this list at some point. A 40×40 is in order shortly. 🙂 Really! Buh-bye to my 20s. They were great, but I have a feeling my 30s will be even better.


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