zero waste bathroom

Sorry for the lack of postings! I have over a dozen almost-ready drafts I have yet to publish, because I seem to never get enough consecutive minutes. I sure have missed blogging! I hope to be back more often now, with holiday-related posts and plans for 2017 (I love a good resolution plan).

My 2016 has been a rocky road to zero waste (with plenty of detours), but I’m as committed as EVER. I can’t wait to take it all even further in 2017, as so much of 2016 entailed using up what I still had! It took me 10 months to use up the gigantic bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash I already had before starting zero waste. I was chomping at the bit to make the zero waste switches, but of course wanted to use up the old product responsibly first. It was actually really nice to have the luxury of time to research zero waste options, though. While I was kicking butt in the kitchen with zero waste, I was kind of nervous and at a loss with how to replace toiletry items (and TBH I still am stumped over a few).

But I’ve spent the past months following zero waste bloggers and Instagramers, reading books, and just doing research on some of my options out there. A big goal of mine is always to consolidate products as much as I can, so I didn’t want to swap one-for-one if there was a better alternative out there that can multitask.

This is the extent of what I use body and hair-care wise (though after creating this collage I also began using a Lush conditioner bar and love it, too).

zero waste bath and body1.Lush shampoo bar // 2. Lotion bar (shown is Lush but I make my own) // 3. Stainless safety razor // 4. Lush deodorant bar // 5. Lush tins for the soap, shampoo, and conditioner // 6. Coconut oil (as a leave-in conditioner when needed, and as body lotion), and 7. Lush soap (I also use the soap to shave.)

I chose LUSH products because: they are organic, cruelty free, and naked in packaging.

I have to say it took a week to get used to the shampoo bar, but now my hair looks and feels the same as before. I’ve been using a conditioner bar after each shampoo as well, and I use coconut oil – a tiny amount – as a leave-in conditioner about once a month. That’s it! To extend the life of the bars, I let them dry before putting in the tins, and I keep the tins in a cabinet between showers.

One of my favorite zero waste switches BY FAR is my stainless razor. I now only have to replace a blade occasionally (dirt cheap, packaged in huge quantities in cardboard). The reason I love this so much is that it’s going to save me SO MUCH MONEY over time. The price of razor cartridges for those girlie razors is out of hand, and the packaging is awful. I feel like I’m giving Gillette the middle finger every time I shave my legs.


This is a (terrible) picture of my bathroom drawer. In it you see: glass jars of ACV (for toning) and coconut oil, a jar of my homemade toothpaste, sustainable toothbrush, various dropper bottles of face oils like jojoba and rose hip, (trying to find the right combo for winter..), reusable eye makeup remover pads, Lush deodorant bar in a mason jar, Lush hair honey in a tin, Burt’s Bees night cream and day cream* (the day cream in plastic:(), homemade lotion bar, glasses, contacts, and contacts case. And a comb and pins/elastics I’ve had for years.

In addition to these items and the shower items, I have a few things under my vanity: a small cosmetic bag with makeup* (most pre-ZW, as I’m trying to use it up responsibly), one (metal) can of hairspray*, sunscreen (in plastic*), contacts solution (also plastic**), hair styling heat tools, a few headbands/headscarves, a small stash of nail polish (trying to decide if I can part with this!) and manicure supplies, a luna cup, and 5 washable menstrual pads. That’s it!

*I’ll be phasing these all out in the coming months..

**There is no avoiding the trash generated by my bad vision, and for that, I am so sad. To cut back on the packaging I do try to wear my glasses more often (so I don’t have to change contacts as often or use as much solution). I also think they make sustainable contact lens cases, but as most solution comes with a plastic one, purchasing additional ones would be redundant. One day I’ll get LASIK, but for the next many years it will probably be my last bit of remaining plastic in the bathroom. 😦

Still, I’ve come so far! I love my new regimen – it all feels so simplified and freeing. I’m completely marketing-proof when it comes to the beauty industry, and I love that because they are the worst. Best of all, I generate so little trash in the bathroom. A big future goal needs to be to convince Hubby to make some switches, too… a post for another day!


a fall wishlist, just because.

Fall is nearly here you guys. Can you sense it, too?

Fall is absolutely the season that makes me want to have new (or new-to-me, anyway) things. Is “back-to-school shopping season” ingrained in my psyche? Or is it just that I love everything about fall, and want to feather my nest for hibernation? I don’t know what is it exactly. So I’m “window shopping” the things that are cozy, comfy, and make me smile for the upcoming season.

Fall WishlistOn the list:

  • Justina Blakeney’s book “The New Bohemians“, which has been on my wishlist as a pre-order for months. I just LOVE everything she does.
  • Wine making supplies and a kit or two. This is my next homemaking/self-sufficiency hobby, possibly this next winter or spring. I can’t wait to try this out!
  • A cute owl mug would make me smile every morning!
  • I love tunic dresses, and I would love a couple for fall/winter. I’d probably wear them daily. So comfy and practical. With leggings and a headband, I’d be ready in 3 minutes flat and look like I actually tried to care. Ha!
  • Alegria clogs and Keen crisscross shoes – comfy, cozy feet season! I actually NEED something like these. I already have some Alegrias I love, but they are a bit on the snug side (my feet grew a little during pregnancy and didn’t shrink back down to size so most of my shoes are a little snug:(..).
  • Love this rainbow rug from Urban. (I hate that I love their rugs so much because I try to avoid shopping there – or even wanting to shop there.) Basically if I ever won the lottery I’d spend a few grand on rugs and save the rest. They are the luxury I’d love to splurge on.
  • A pretty throw blanket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Novica. Check them out. It’s good shopping karma.
  • These nesting bowls are so pretty, cheerful and practical for the camping trailer. I’d want to keep them in the house and use them daily, though, because they are so fun!

Any extra money for the next couple months is/was allocated to finishing the basement kitchenette, a new car seat, and our Yellowstone trip. Window shopping it is! But it totally gets it out of my system. It’s a strategy that really works for me! What are you wishing for for fall?

window shopping..

just a silly little wishlist I put together today. It’s how I get the shopping urge out of my system. Here’s what I’ve been eying: 

  • Graphic tees
  •  Palazzo pants
  • The perfect Jean shorts
  • Succulent terrariums 
  • Pretty solar lights 
  • Navy blue nail polish 
  • Hippie rope sandals
  • Geode bookends
  • An “I❤️NY” mug (kicking myself for not getting one!)
  • A programmable coffee maker (still using the one I used in college!)

What’s on your wishlist these days?

because i must

I don’t want, or need, anything for Christmas. But it’s tradition I put together a little wishlist because it’s just so fun to window shop and collage. Here are some things I wouldn’t mind opening up in a few days.


On the list:

  • A long, comfy belted sweater goes with everything
  • I could use a pretty pill case, and this one from Etsy is adorable
  • I love this cool ombre statement necklace, found on Etsy
  • A Vitamix blender (cuz I’m dreaming here, right?)
  • I’d like some awesome floral leggings or tights to wear under all my skirts/dresses this winter
  • A classic chambray shirt would go with lots of things in my closet
  • I am looking for a nice pair of animal-friendly (non-leather) ankle boots
  • This pretty butterfly pillow would look great on our bed
  • I’d wear a vintage mood ring all the time
  • These cute stuffed foxes are so fun
  • iTunes giftcards are always good
  • A graphic iPhone case would make my fav gadget prettier

instagram weekend & october detox check-in

What a great long weekend!! I was fortunate enough to have Columbus Day off {whoop}! I’m only 8 days in one the month of vegan eating// October detox, but it’s been a blast. It has rejuvenated my cooking rut and I’ve gone out for a couple awesome vegan meals. I can’t wait to try some weird ethnic and gourmet cuisine in NYC next weekend. So far I’ve made: apple sauce, butternut apple soup, apple crisp (can you tell we were hooked up with a serious apple surplus?!), smokey black bean tacos, pumpkin spice lattes, spicy hummus, pumpkin cookies, pasta with Field Roast sausage marinara sauce, red beans and rice, beet burgers, lentil and quinoa salad…. phew!

My life’s not ALL food obsessed and it was a great weekend. I felt like re-capping the 3 glorious days via Instagram.

Friday night, hubby and I went to SLC for dinner at Sage’s Cafe, which is an awesome vegan joint. I had the seitan tacos and hubby had the mushroom stroganoff. 😉 This Marilyn mini tag-art was on a wall near the cafe.

Then we hit the much-anticipated (by ME) Garbage show, which was postponed from last April! It was phenomenal. Much like seeing Fiona Apple, this was almost surreal! This band made up the soundtrack to my early teen years when I was just starting to care abut music. When you’re a weird kid, music can be your best friend. And.. I was pretty damn weird. Somehow seeing this band live made me realize I was just cool before my time. 😉

Saturday morning I made a run down to Whole Foods for some vegan cooking staples, and also hit the new Lululemon store. I loved this store window there. “Do 1 Thing A Day that Scares You.” I think that’s pretty damned good advice {and a good 30 day challenge… hmm.. just sayin’!}. (PS: Love my new Lulumon Studio Pants.)

The Whole Foods haul! Lots of goodies for my month of vegan cooking. OH!.. I was also on a fact-finding mission, as I’m writing a paper on Whole Foods services strategy. I know how to party.

In between studying and paper-writing I made that yummy sugar scrub on Sunday. It’s lovely!

Those vegan pumpkin spice lattes! I made a huge batch of the pumpkin mix from this recipe, to make a latte every day for the rest of the week. They are soooo good.

Monday I spent more of the day studying for my Tuesday night Corporate Finance final. But I did manage to sneak out for a few more cooking supplies at the Asian market… and snapped a picture of their awesome front door. 😉 I’m weird like that.

AND got a much needed haircut at the Cherry Bomb Salon in Ogden. Wanted to sneak that in before our trip next weekend. I’ll definitely be going back!

Monday night’s dinner is Tamarind Tempeh and Sweet Potatoes (from the Appetite for Reduction cookbook) and this purple cauliflower I picked up at Whole Foods. So pretty! So delicious! If I had to pick a favorite veggie it just *might* be cauliflower, but purple cauliflower??! WHA WHAAA!!

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend and has a great week!! Do tell.

pretty new things.

I really love the new Princess line by Vera Wang. I’ve picked up a couple pieces and they make me so happy.

Gold arrowhead earrings:

And this funky chain braid charm bracelet:

…which by the way is such a hackable idea. Has anyone made one of these braid-chain pieces? I found some tutorials online and plan to eventually give it a try. I’ll be sure to post on it if I do.

Glitter TOMS

I recently scored a bunch of Amazon credit for selling them some of my textbooks and thought it was the perfect way to splurge on a long time want list item – some glittery TOMS shoes. These ones, specifically:

I’ve been eying these for a long time. If you don’t know the story behind TOMS, it’s pretty rad. For every pair purchased, the company donates a pair to a child in need. One for one, around the world. I try to support companies I believe in as much as possible, so that is big for me.

So – how do you wear them, when you’re pushing 30 and work an office job? Because it’s my idea of a good time to compile ideas while I veg out in front of a movie, here are some ways I came up with to rock some glittery TOMS.

1. Business casual-casual. My office  is pretty lenient about the dress code, so it’s not a stretch to wear slacks with a funky tee, shoes and jewelry.

2. Business casual. I think I could step it up slightly with a pencil skirt and still wear TOMS. Thoughts?

3. On a date or girl’s day. Rolled jeans look really cute with TOMS.

4. With shorts. This is a really casual road trip look. I don’t know how likely I am to wear them with shorts {I love my flip flops} but I think it looks pretty fun.

5. To the gym. I go to my Finance class directly after yoga on Tuesday nights and always feel like such a slob. Some cute glittery shoes and a summertime hoodie over my attire would be a big improvement.

Thoughts on TOMS – do you own any and how do you/would you wear them?

navy blazer

So, I bought a navy blazer the other day because it just called out to me… I am the perfect blazer! I will make you look to put together and sharp! I will land you a job or a candid on the Glamour “Do” page!

And then I brought it home, and while it IS super flattering, I realized I don’t have the confidence to style a navy blazer. It can go to Ivy League soo quickly. I cannot (and do not want to) pull off Tommy Hilfiger ad. I want to pull off this:

For some reason I have a really hard time carrying off a grown-up style, and blazers can make me look like I am playing dress up – even super cute ones. But since my retail therapy was, in the first place, my “I’ll show ’em” response to not being taken seriously professionally, I tore the tag of the blazer so I couldn’t return it and made myself a collage of outfit ideas. Oh, yeah, take THAT, judgers! That’s right. I Photoshop angry. Be intimidated.

No suits for me, but one grown-up item in an otherwise wearable ensemble is a good start. I shall break it out next week.

happy heart day

Hubby’s out of down for V-day {sad face} but have some fun things happening regardless!

♥ My {early} gift was an iPhone! My first smart phone – seriously I had no idea what I was missing!  ♥ A little retail therapy – happy Valentines Day to meeee from myself!- bought some new MAC stuff and a cute new dress to wear to the office today {see below}. This dress to be exact if you want one, haha.  ♥ Tonight, low key night getting ready for my presentation in class tomorrow night (gulp) and finishing up some homework, but I might spoil myself with a fancy latte 😉 ♥ Girls chick-flick//craft night happening this weekend with my sisters-in-law.  ♥ Made some cute beaded bracelets for my boss who loves this holiday.


♥ ♥ ♥ Thinking about my hard-working hubby today!

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! What are your plans? Sending out lots of love to everyone today!!


You guys, I totally cheated on my wardrobe challenge yesterday. In a moment of serious summer shoe desperation, I racked my brain for a loophole to not spending. I decided that if I added up my remaining Christmas gift cards ($26) and all the loose change I could find in my house, car, purses, gym bag, etc. (9lbs, approximately), it was a perfectly legal way to fund a little retail splurge.

I ended up with a total of $78 to spend after hitting the Coinstar. Wanting the most bang for my buck, I hit the Target and Old Navy clearance racks and ended up with a tank top, a t-shirt with a screen printed wolf {cooler than it sounds}, a really 80s looking dress, a summery scarf, and 2 pairs of wedge sandals. Grand total: $66. That left me with $12 I didn’t even spend and that familiar old rush I get from great bargains. Hello, old friend. I’ve missed you.

I was bragging to Jonathan about how clever I was, and he started calling me Nancy, as in Nancy Drew. I guess that kind of works. Only instead of solving mysteries, I search for loopholes to my own personal resolutions that allow me the delusion that I still have integrity.

Thanks for keeping me honest, Internet. Phew, I feel better now.