I told a friend I would post pics of my hair transformation {I may have sent her a wine-influenced text or 3 while processing my hair..}

Anyhoodle.. I was brownish//blondish most of the summer and wanted to get back to brown for fall. I may have watched a few too many Grav3yardgirl vids whilst the dye was on my hair.. cuz I ended up with this:


I don’t wanna be that girl who freaks out about hair color. But seriously, I have blonde eyebrows. And it’s not the first time that I have had black hair, but it’s the first accidental time I have had black hair and that made me self-conscious about it apparently. After 2 days of hermit-like behavior and some super-Googling, I tried:

Baking soda.

Dawn dish soap.

Clarifying shampoo plus saran wrap.

Finally I hit the beauty supply store for help.

I had recently discovered that gum that tastes like Orange Creamcicles. Extra brand dessert gum or whatever? It’s the best thing ever for 7 seconds until the flavor is gone and you need a new piece. I didn’t have anywhere to spit my gum in my car so I just kept adding it. So I get to the beauty supply store and I have like 6 pieces of orangey gum in my mouth which is cool, I have a big mouth. But then I realize when I try to talk that this huge wad of gum is in the way. So I am wondering what it’s like for the girl on the other side of the counter, trying not to laugh at the spastic girl with the bad dye job who has to spit a wad of gum out to ask for help.

And who is wearing a JEM and the Holograms tshirt.

I only write this because when your life’s just a string of awkward moments strung together you have to just appreciate that it’s kind of awesome and funny. Or you have to blog about it.

I buy L’Oreal ColorZAP. {I love that name. ZAP!}

I follow the instructions. And it burns. Like sooo bad. I’m the girl who doesn’t use commercial cleaning products because I am afraid of the chemicals, and I have a substance on my hair burning my scalp and making my eyes like..sweat.. from the fumes. Loud music distracts me from pain (true story!) so I make an iTunes mix of songs about burning and fire and rock out for 60 effing minutes and drink wine.

I get this.

According to the instructions this is good, but it was so incredibly nerve-wrackingly orangey yellow. Then I blow dry. And the heat from the blow dryer makes my poor scalp so sad. And it looks like this.

This is expected and you are supposed to dye over it, but the black didn’t go away entirely underneath! I am afraid that more ColorZAPing will make my hair fall out or make me go blind. So I just do it, I dye over it a reddish brown color hoping it will blend in the orange and the black. And it works! Kinda.

I have to be ok with it because I am not doing one more thing to my poor hair, for the rest of the year. Except stroke it and tell it I will never hurt it again.

So tell me about your hair disasters.

{And if you’re Katie, send me my favorite picture so I can look at it on sad days.. (: (:}


mom, dad? i blog.

I haven’t told many people I blog. Generally just friends who also blog {most of them more secure and “out” as bloggers}. Perhaps I’m scared of the rejection of it, that people will think it’s super dorky {it is, yes, but still. I am self-aware}, or self-obsessed {I am, but I’m aware of that, too.} It just hasn’t come up much because it’s awkward. And I’m the queen of awkward. In fact, when I email this link to friends eventually it might just say, “hi, it’s Kellie. You know how I’m always super awkward? TURNS OUT that I actually really like to talk about myself and the minutiae of my life.  Just not out loud. So I blog. Yeah… so this is awkward, too.”

And then half of them will say “honey, we’ve known about your blog all along, we are so glad you’re finally out of the closet.” And the other half will just shake their heads at my lifestyle choice and vow to never try to understand. “The girl takes pictures of herself and her wacky scissors/glue projects and puts em’ all over the Internet. That girl ain’t right.”

So, why the blog shame? What are your thoughts on coming out as a blogger?