30 of 30 wrap up!

Welp, here they are. 30 items of clothing remixed to 30 different outfits. It CAN be done. Wish I’d done something more pattern-y but it would have required shopping. I’m a solids and stripes kinda gal, I guess. Fun? Yeah. Do it again? Naw. Thanks for sticking around. 😛 I don’t know how those daily style bloggers do it!

One last mini-photo collage:


30 of 30

It’s not incredibly obvious in this photo, but these tights are olive green. Well. You can probably tell that, but you can’t tell quite how green. I think co-workers are getting quite used to the weird things because now they just cock their heads to one side with a pensive expression then walk away. It’s kind of awesome because it’s like a conversation repellent. I’m going to Target this weekend to stock up on every color of tights for the winter and hopefully by January I will have driven everyone away. Except for my new boss (!) who still finds green tights charming somehow. I hope I can continue to distract her from the fact that I know nothing about… well, anything I’ll be doing.

Socks ———-> Hue {Macy’s}

Tights ————> xhileration

Earrings ———–> Merona

Necklace ————> F21

27 of 30

Kellie’s list of reasons why this is going to be a great week:

1. I have the day OFF, PAID, cuz it’s a holiday.Woohoo! 4 day week!

2. My Business Law class wraps up Wednesday!

3. The 30/30 remix wraps up Thursday!

4. MY JOB wraps up Friday! I got a new gig at my same company and I start on Monday, the 18th!!! I am very excited!

Necklace ————-> Forever 21