a wish list for fall

Sweaters and leggings and chai lattes, hurray! I love fall so much. Here are a few things that I’m crushing on with a fallish vibe.

Fall 2017 Wishlist

  • A Moravian Star light fixture. I just feel like this would complete my kitchen revamp and give it such a cozy feel.
  • Lush bath bombs. I’m not sure I could get out of a tub too easily at this point, but a relaxing soak sounds lovely.
  • Felted ball coasters. ❤
  • A block printed apron like this. I need to just make a cute apron this season (because I don’t already have a million other projects going already, right..?)
  • Hedgehog mug. WHAT?!
  • All the pretty rugs.
  • A snake plant, because soon my only plant fix will be indoors.
  • All the pretty blankets. I love these Alpaca ones.

Who’s ready for fall??


thoughts on zero waste home keeping

I haven’t been perfect, but I’m still very much striving for a zero waste home and lifestyle. My home is getting there, with a few exceptions and impulse buy/relapses I always regret.

My favorite things about zero waste are supposed to be the lessened environmental impact and cost savings (and they are awesome things), but admittedly my favorite thing about it is how pretty it is. I mean, functional items can basically be on display when they aren’t made of ugly, bright plastic, and I love that. Like my kitchen sink – I leave potted herbs, a crock of dish brushes, and my compost pail right in plain sight at all times, and I think it’s so pretty.

kitchen sink

My home-keeping essentials are all actually pretty beautiful now. I haven’t upgraded our perfectly good broom or dustpan (and won’t until I need to), but this board is home goals that are actually reasonable and responsible when you have a zero waste household. This is what my wish list looks like now: simple and functional items that will last forever.

cleaning tools

I use cloths and rags for cleaning and spills, wooden brushes for scrubbing, and cloth bags and mason jars for EVERYTHING. Originally I thought keeping all these reusables nearby would overfill my cabinets, but I’ve been paring down things I no longer use in conjunction and have plenty of space for it all.

It’s also helped me to define a more minimalist and elegant decor and clothing style. No more style ADD and regrettable purchases- I’ve discovered I truly love living in a space with space, where everything is pretty and functional.

a fall wishlist, just because.

Fall is nearly here you guys. Can you sense it, too?

Fall is absolutely the season that makes me want to have new (or new-to-me, anyway) things. Is “back-to-school shopping season” ingrained in my psyche? Or is it just that I love everything about fall, and want to feather my nest for hibernation? I don’t know what is it exactly. So I’m “window shopping” the things that are cozy, comfy, and make me smile for the upcoming season.

Fall WishlistOn the list:

  • Justina Blakeney’s book “The New Bohemians“, which has been on my wishlist as a pre-order for months. I just LOVE everything she does.
  • Wine making supplies and a kit or two. This is my next homemaking/self-sufficiency hobby, possibly this next winter or spring. I can’t wait to try this out!
  • A cute owl mug would make me smile every morning!
  • I love tunic dresses, and I would love a couple for fall/winter. I’d probably wear them daily. So comfy and practical. With leggings and a headband, I’d be ready in 3 minutes flat and look like I actually tried to care. Ha!
  • Alegria clogs and Keen crisscross shoes – comfy, cozy feet season! I actually NEED something like these. I already have some Alegrias I love, but they are a bit on the snug side (my feet grew a little during pregnancy and didn’t shrink back down to size so most of my shoes are a little snug:(..).
  • Love this rainbow rug from Urban. (I hate that I love their rugs so much because I try to avoid shopping there – or even wanting to shop there.) Basically if I ever won the lottery I’d spend a few grand on rugs and save the rest. They are the luxury I’d love to splurge on.
  • A pretty throw blanket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Novica. Check them out. It’s good shopping karma.
  • These nesting bowls are so pretty, cheerful and practical for the camping trailer. I’d want to keep them in the house and use them daily, though, because they are so fun!

Any extra money for the next couple months is/was allocated to finishing the basement kitchenette, a new car seat, and our Yellowstone trip. Window shopping it is! But it totally gets it out of my system. It’s a strategy that really works for me! What are you wishing for for fall?

window shopping..

just a silly little wishlist I put together today. It’s how I get the shopping urge out of my system. Here’s what I’ve been eying: 

  • Graphic tees
  •  Palazzo pants
  • The perfect Jean shorts
  • Succulent terrariums 
  • Pretty solar lights 
  • Navy blue nail polish 
  • Hippie rope sandals
  • Geode bookends
  • An “I❤️NY” mug (kicking myself for not getting one!)
  • A programmable coffee maker (still using the one I used in college!)

What’s on your wishlist these days?

christmas wishlist

With a baby due the first week in February, this year’s Christmas gift ideas to the family are pretty baby-riffic. But that doesn’t mean I can’t put together a little wishlist of fun things I’d like anyway. 😉

  1. Christmas WishlistCoffee shop gift card. I’d hoard this to make the sleep-deprived mom transition easier when I go back to work.
  2. Radio/iPod speakers. I normally think gadgets are ugly, but this is so pretty I could leave it out all the time.
  3. A big (vegan) tote. This one from Free People is gorgeous and has plenty of room for mom-stuff.
  4. Homesteading books.
  5. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. I use this for everything. It would be the perfect stocking stuffer for me.
  6. New aviator sunglasses. Cheapies are fine (actually preferred).
  7. A perfect planner. I’m already concerned about going back to work after baby and I know it will help if I’m super-duper organized. I love a paper planner.
  8. Muk Luk socks. My feet are always freezing and these are cute.
  9. Paperwhites for indoor. I need something that blooms in winter to help stave off the blues!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist??

because i must

I don’t want, or need, anything for Christmas. But it’s tradition I put together a little wishlist because it’s just so fun to window shop and collage. Here are some things I wouldn’t mind opening up in a few days.


On the list:

  • A long, comfy belted sweater goes with everything
  • I could use a pretty pill case, and this one from Etsy is adorable
  • I love this cool ombre statement necklace, found on Etsy
  • A Vitamix blender (cuz I’m dreaming here, right?)
  • I’d like some awesome floral leggings or tights to wear under all my skirts/dresses this winter
  • A classic chambray shirt would go with lots of things in my closet
  • I am looking for a nice pair of animal-friendly (non-leather) ankle boots
  • This pretty butterfly pillow would look great on our bed
  • I’d wear a vintage mood ring all the time
  • These cute stuffed foxes are so fun
  • iTunes giftcards are always good
  • A graphic iPhone case would make my fav gadget prettier

Christmas Wishlist

Hubby and I have a $100 limit on Christmas this year, but one of my favorite traditions is to get all materialistic and make up a things-I-want list every year. It’s one of those things I love to indulge myself with, not expecting any of it. I just really love window shopping! Here’s what’s on my Covet-list right now:

1. A really great day-planner. 2. Victoria’s Secret sports bras and yoga leggings. 3. A pretty and super functional Dutch Oven. 4. An herb garden. 5. A calendar {love this Poloroid one}. 6. Sweater boots {these are from Old Navy}. 7. Tom’s shoes. 8. A recycled coffee sack tote. 9. Vegan cookbooks. 10. Immersion blender. 11. Prepaid belly dancing classes {I’m addicted!!}. 12. A perfect pair of straight leg jeans.

What’s on your wishlist?

fall shopping

Today I am working on my fave fall project – the seasonal clothing switch out! In the process, I am culling the closet immensely, pulling out what I never wear, then determining if it can be 1) modified, 2) given to someone I know or 3) just donated. I do this about twice a year.

Also in the process, I’m determining my want-to-have shopping list. I am going to do a bit of fall shopping this weekend but I want to go armed with a list of things that will make my wardrobe more versatile. Turns out I have a LOT of black pants and skirts. What I am lacking, really, is shoes that are both practical and stylish, variety in my work pants, and tops that aren’t cardigans!

This year I am going to focus on buying earthy warm neutrals that go with blacks and browns, a few go-with-everything pairs of shoes/boots, and tunics that can be worn as dresses, over leggings, or over pants. I don’t have the budget to buy all of this stuff, but here’s my “want list” to keep me focused.

PS: I’m fullfilling 2 of my organizing goals for September with this project {cull the closet, put together 10 work outfits}. (:

What’s everyone loving for fall?


Do you use Pinterest? If you aren’t already in the loop on this, you should definitely check it out. It’s basically a storage site for images you find around the web. You can organize them in categories, type notes, view other people’s saved images, and it credits where you “pin” them from, for future reference. It’s my new favorite thing ever for keeping track of recipes I want to try, inspiration for my new house, fashion photos, etc. And (hint hint, June 21 birthday), my wishlist!

Here’s what a pinboard looks like {with my notes on each – so cool}.

Perfect for a visual person/digital packrat/inspiration seeker like me. You can follow me here {or just check out what I’m diggin’}.