diy digs and some house porn… for the ladies

I have some news.

We are building a house. Maybe.

I’m incredibly nervous and have a million concerns I won’t explain here while we work out the details in marriage counseling. {Just kidding}. And like I’ve mentioned, I love my house. I don’t want to move, and I’m content.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not scheming and planning…

Because imagine getting to design the perfect home. AWESOME.

Our floor plan will probably look something like this, what’s called a ranch-style or rambler.


I don’t like them because they all look the same. JB loves them because they really are super functional and the one-level plan is popular in the Utah suburbs. And that kitchen/dining/family room layout would make for an excellent party house. The floor plan I dig. It’s the exterior I don’t love. From the outside, they all look like this, kinda:



No offense if your house looks like that. They are very nice houses, no question. I just lean toward old, crumbly houses.

We are compromising. My favorite home style is Craftsman style. I am going to find out if the exterior of that ranch/rambler can be pimped out to look more like this:

craftsman style home

Source. SEXY.

Or this:



Those are beautiful homes with character. That first one’s brand new and looks like it could have been built in 1930 and just repainted.  That mix of vertical wood siding, shingle-style siding, and rock. Brought together with that classic wide, white trim. A cozy porch.

Google “craftsman style rambler” and you get things like this:



Closer, warmer, better.

Anyone out there had a house built? I’d love to hear some advice, stories, suggestions, comments. I seriously ordered “Building Your Own Home for Dummies” from Amazon- that is the baseline I’m working with here.