not your kind of people

ImageI haven’t been this excited about album releases since.. I don’t even know. But this spring/summer two of my longtime, very much missed FAVES are coming out with new music. EEK! The new Garbage album Not Your Kind of People comes out May 15. Here’s the first single, Blood for Poppies.

And… Garbage is coming to SLC in April and I got my tix yesterday!! I absolutely cannot wait!!!!

Fiona Apple is finally releasing a new album, too. The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do is the title {I ♥ her quirkiness so much} and it comes out sometime in June. She’s debuted a couple new songs live, apparently, and there are videos online everywhere, but I am holding out for the album version {or live-and-in-person-version if she tours pre-release..} cuz I’m weird like that.


won’t you think i’m pretty when i’m standing top the bright lit city

the used 2

The Used played a great show last night at Salt Air.

This was my favorite.

So many great memories when I hear their music…

… sophomore year at Utah State- Alicia and me driving around Logan, UT screaming the lyrics to Buried Myself Alive

… many Warped tour and Big Ass Show appearances

… the first time I heard the In Love and Death album… holy sh–

… elbows to the ribs and skull

… today’s sweeeeeet rock hangover