not your kind of people

ImageI haven’t been this excited about album releases since.. I don’t even know. But this spring/summer two of my longtime, very much missed FAVES are coming out with new music. EEK! The new Garbage album Not Your Kind of People comes out May 15. Here’s the first single, Blood for Poppies.

And… Garbage is coming to SLC in April and I got my tix yesterday!! I absolutely cannot wait!!!!

Fiona Apple is finally releasing a new album, too. The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do is the title {IΒ β™₯ her quirkiness so much} and it comes out sometime in June. She’s debuted a couple new songs live, apparently, and there are videos online everywhere, but I am holding out for the album version {or live-and-in-person-version if she tours pre-release..} cuz I’m weird like that.


in every generation..

Preface: I am not a TV watcher. I don’t have my shows. We don’t have cable. I have no idea who is nominated for a Golden Globe, ever, because I don’t follow anything new. I do, however, have a propensity for getting completely sucked in to old TV shows and watching the entire run for weeks on end. Like a couple years back, I discovered Veronica Mars, watched all three seasons on DVD, and had no one to whine to about how crappy it was that it got cancelled because I was several years too late, wahh wahh.

I don’t know what I was doing in the late 90s, but I wasn’t watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maybe in the 90s there just wasn’t as much to appreciate as there is when there is nostalgia involved. Welp, I am burning through the seasons on Netflix while I do chores and homework {and hubby is out of town}, and holy style and music flashbacks. It is awesome! Why didn’t you guys tell me.. 15 years ago?

It’s had me reaching into the depths of my CD collection for Bif Naked, dusting off the three-barrel curling iron, and reminiscing in kind-of horror that my middle school closet contained many similar items. I know I say this all the time, but I soo miss the 90s.

5 year bloggiversary.

I started blogging exactly 5 years ago today. This was my first ever post {I still kinda crush on Anderson Cooper – is that weird?}.

So I thought I would look back over the blogs for some of my highlights {in my very humble opinion ;)}.

Favorite Posts:

Favorite Projects:

Favorite Challenges:

^ Also 5 years old ^..this pic. Whoa. Such kids!β™₯

inspired by dorm decor?

I was like every other pre-teen girl in 1994, I had pin-ups of Jonathan Tayler-Thomas (what happened to that dude?) and Jonathan Brandis (we know what happened to that one :() on my walls. And then there was my Dennis Rodman/Marilyn Manson shrine phase (my parents are so awesome, they got me a Rolling Stone AND Sports Illustrated subscrip just for my scissor-happy fun.) And then in college it was Smashing Pumpkins posters, decoupage-collages on furniture, and memo boards crammed with photos.

Then I became a grown up that could afford to put things on my walls that didn’t require poster putty. And I felt weird about putting wedding photos out in plain sight. I’m not sure why. It’s just awkward to me.

But, a confession: I completely miss the days when plastering every inch of my walls with personal items was an acceptable way of decorating. I came across this image on Pinterest a while back and it totally inspired me. I guess I am just not ready for a catalog-style home just yet.

I bought this scroll photo holder at Pier One for a measly $8 on sale, and hung it on a sad, blank wall in our hallway.

Then I found same favorite photos on my hard drive, and messed around with all of them in Photoshop. Jacking up the contrast, skewing the colors, aging some, switching a few to black and white, and making some look like Poloroids. I had them printed, then arranged them on the holder.

Nothing fancy. It’s reminiscent of dorm living, but in a good way. And it’s off in a little-traveled-by-guests hallway, so it’s only seen if someone wants to pause and check it out on their way to the loo. (PS: I think we should say “loo” more, don’t you?).

I am kind of a lot excited about something in my house that’s more young and fun {while the lack of push pins ensures it’s more quirky than tacky}. And I can rotate photos as I wish or use it to hold Christmas cards around the holidays. Super functional!

Thoughts? Would you collage-up a wall in your house? What’s your take on decorating with personal photos? Studio-quality only or goofy snapshots are a-ok? Really I’m still torn on the design credibility of this little collage, but we simply do not have that kind of establishment. πŸ™‚ Oh.. and do you know what happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

when soundtracks were good.

I watched The Craft last weekend. Remember that movie? Outcast teens form a witches coven and get revenge on the jerks? Man, I loved that movie when I was 13.Turns out I still love it, but mostly I was re-impressed with the superawesome 90s rock soundtrack!!*

Man I miss the 90s. So I compiled a little list of my old faves from when movie soundtracks were great!

Smashing Pumpkins – Drown
From Singles (1992)
The Smashing Pumpkins aren’t my favorite band from the 90s.. they are my favorite, period!

Our Lady Peace – Tomorrow Never Knows
From The Craft (1996)
This movie has “How Soon Is Now” from Morrisey on the soundtrack yet I still picked this one because it was wrongly buried in the 90s!! OLP was one of my most favorite bands evah!

The Prodigy & Tom Morello – One Man Army
From Spawn (1997)
I am not sure why, but Spawn was one of those movies that my friends and I would watch over and over. Have you seen it recently? It’s totally terrible. But I loved this soundtrack. It still holds up!

Sponge – Plowed
From Empire Records (1995)
Duh, any 90s music/movie list requires this one. Super Grunge-lite soundtrack that was so perfect for the film. They don’t make slacker movies like they used to, man.

The Cure – Burn
From The Crow (1994) in this movie.

Joy Division – Atmosphere
From Trainspotting (1996)
Beautiful song. I can’t watch this movie – once was enough – but I can listen to this song over and over.

Lightening Seeds – Change
From Clueless (1996)
This movie came out when I was in my formative pre-teen years, learning what makeup was and just barely being aware of fashion. Back then fun and fluffy still had a quirky message, clever scripts, and killer soundtracks. I still la-la-love this movie. This song makes me so super happy!

Radiohead – Talkshow Host
From Romeo+Juliet (1996)
If you never saw this one you are missing out. Netflix it! It’s beautiful and the score was so ahead of its time. This Radiohead song is so good it hurts. This is a really dark and beautiful score, just like the movie.

Deftones – My Own Summer (Shove It)
From The Matrix (1999)
This is the only Matrix flick I actually saw, admittedly. I remember saying – “overrated – good soundtrack.” Yup. This Deftones song is killer.

L7 – Shove
From Tank Girl (1995)
Tank Girl had a budget of like $50 (or at least, it seems like it..) and still manages to be hilarious in its campiness and one of my fav movies from the 90s. Miss the riot grrl mentality and kick-ass females! This song isn’t the best on the soundtrack maybe, but totally sums up that 90s girl angst and was so perfect for the film.

So? What about you? Favorite film scores? Do you disagree this art died in the 90s? I can’t think of a really heavy-hitting film score in many recent films, except maybe Sucker Punch (which was ALL about the soundtrack because it was beyond horrible.. and it “recycled” some of the great soundtrack tunes from Tank Girl and Fight Club, to boot!).

*yep, rap was better in the 90s, too, but at the time I wasn’t watching Friday and listening to Dr. Dre – I was a rock kid!

it’s mixed tape swap day …

and it was the best day. (:

My mix track listing:

  1. hello kitty kat – smashing pumpkins
  2. bones – radiohead
  3. souljacker, pt. 1 – eels
  4. outta me, onto you – ani difranco
  5. the greatest view – silverchair
  6. on the other side – the strokes
  7. bodies – smashing pumpkins
  8. bohemian like you – the dandy warhols
  9. so what – ani difranco
  10. more adventurous – rilo kiley
  11. good fortune – pj harvey
  12. debaser – pixies
  13. point of view – silverchair
  14. paper bag – fiona apple
  15. hotel song – regina spektor
  16. no surprises – radiohead
  17. lua – bright eyes
  18. second intermission- ani difranco
  19. a nervous tic motion of the head to the left – andrew bird
  20. my decent into madness – eels
  21. gravity – a perfect circle
  22. was it you? – spoon
  23. followed the waves – melissa auf der maur
  24. you know I’m no good – amy winehouse
  25. cruel – tori amos
  26. zer0space – kidney thieves
  27. betrayed – avenged sevenfold
  28. true nature – jane’s addiction
  29. mayonnaise – smashing pumpkins
  30. as cool as i am – dar williams
  31. white gold – the dandy warhols
  32. your next bold move – ani difranco
  33. 30 seconds – tracy bonham
  34. sweet sunshine – beck
  35. if you fall – azure ray
  36. lost – avenged sevenfold
  37. pushit – tool
  38. the leaving song – afi
  39. welcome to: – ani difranco
  40. song to say goodbye – placebo

Working on the packaging at midnight was reminiscent of my days as a ‘zine slinger. I totally miss spending all my change on music and selling plasma for grocery money, making my own paper with my roommate’s cookie sheets and blender, and attending Black Student Union meetings for the free coffee {what?}. Somehow now bad coffee’s just bad and I forget to find new things that inspire me. Being handed some zip-tied jewel cases containing Prodigy, Bjork and Dwight Yoakam tracks will totally remind you what your life’s been missing lately, like whoa.

books from my childhood

Can you remember your favorite books from your childhood? These were mine:

  • The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • The Boxcar Children series, by Gertrude Chandler Warner
  • The Babysitter’s Club series, by Ann M. Martin
  • American Girl series {particularly Molly}

These books literally define my childhood, and sometimes I’ll still think back to how great these stories were {I don’t know that they’d hold up now, but they certainly fascinated me then!} I want to go back and re-read some of these.

Do you remember these? What were your favorite books growing up?

{Edited to say… this post brought to you by reminscing in the aisles of a used bookstore in O-town, The Bookshelf. I could pick up the whole Babysitters Club collection for $3. But I think I’d rather have it remain a classic. ;)}