So, we were in Vegas for a long weekend. The trip was DRAMZZ. I have stories. Some of them I will share. haha. Later. Hubby survived his 30th {happy birthday, babe!} and despite the fact that eleventy crazy things happened, we had tons of fun and we have some seriously hilarious memories. Vegas remains a place I can’t wait to leave. I’m glad it’s weird but I’m more glad I’m rarely there.

Soon I’ll be ready to talk about it. 😛

But now there are squirmier, happier, cuddlier, puppier things going on.

This is Paisley.

We just brought her home tonight and we are already smitten. So is her big sis, Sadie, although at first she was just confused.

They are already playing. And it is so adorable. (:

I’m already sleep-deprived so it’s going to be a long week! Welcome to the family, lil’ missy.


a happeeee birthday

It’s my birthday! And yeah. Ok. I had all weekend to play, but I took today off anyway. By the way, I have been sick for a month now. I think it could be a sinus infection or something at this point. I said 2 weeks ago, if I still have this cough by Friday, I will go to the doctor. Well… the cough is gone. So… if I still have this snot by Friday, I will go to the doctor. :p

My family came over Sunday night for some dinner {lettuce wraps- yum!} and badminton {weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!} It was super fun. They spoil me. See?:

Today was nice and relaxing. And hella long, too. Jonathan had to work all day and will be workin all night! boooooo

So. My day. First, blogs n’ dog in bed. {I was still up and at em’ by 8.}:

Left: Cake for breakfast! Thanks, Mom! It’s lemon. Mmmmm. Oh, I don’t think trophy wives eat cake for breakfast – and whatever they do eat probably gets yoga’d off by 10am. But I am new at this. And calories don’t count on your birthday. Right: This is the card Becky made for me – I loooooooooove it!!!! It’s the cutest thing EVERRRRRRRRRRRR. I use a lot of extra letters, I know, when I am terribly excited about something.

I should tell you about my awesome gifts this year. My husband got me some hiking shoes in May before we went camping. He also got me a cute stripey umbrella for our patio set. AND he got me the mother of food processors. The Cuininart Prep 9. I did exhaustive review-reading on it! Can’t wait to try it out.

My parents gave me a Cricut scrapbook paper cutter. It’s awesome! I’ve been having lots of fun with it. Also, some accessories for the Cricut and a pattern/supplies to make a really funky tote bag. Kevin and Becky gave me a scrapbook paper organizer and a gift card to Roberts. I wasted no time putting it toward another Cricut cartridge. Thanks, family!!! You spoil me.

Anyway. Back to my leisurely day. I drove up Ogden Canyon a ways, with a mixed CD from last week’s swap, and a vanilla latte. It was a beautiful day.

On my way back down I stopped at the Ogden River Trail and lazed a bit by the water.

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stuff to celebrate.

Long weekend, with lots to do, and lots to celebrate!

  • Happy Memorial day, everyone! We are headed for a quick camp-out tomorrow morning with some fun couples. I have new hiking shoes and a four wheeling helmet to break in {birthday came early this year!}.
  • My dad is officially 60 years young today. He looks 40 and acts 21, so this 60 thing is sort of freaking me out. I hope my parents’ young-looking genes are a good sign of things to come for me. But this isn’t about me, this is about my pops {as JB would say}. Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope you like the arts and crafts project I made for you while I was bored in the office today. Some things never change, we just evolve from macaroni art to office supply art.

{Thas’ muh pops as a kid. Love this picture so much.}

  • And guess what? My puppy is 4 today- she shares a birthday with my dad. I didn’t get her anything except she got to lick the Styrofoam container I brought my Indian food leftovers home in. So she’s pretty content.

I hope everyone has a lovely, safe weekend.