eatin snow.

I can cross it off my list of 30 things to do before I’m 30

I tried snowboarding for the first time last night! Go me!

We borrowed gear from several people. We went with these lovely people {Brandon and Siara- it was Siara’s first time, too!}:

And this guy {Shane}:

{Brandon and Shane are pros… Shane was on skiis but still helping me out, while he was going BACKWARDS, and guiding me, AND catching me from face-planting. Geez.}

Here’s me and JB on the lift {do I look scared? Yesss. Hahaha…. I was freakin out}:

JB is good, too, even though he’s only been a couple times. He’s naturally good at stuff like that. And maybe his P90X is paying off and he’s getting even more buff. Hee. He’s a doll for arranging the snowboarding trip so I could cross it off my list. (: I want to go again! Soon!

This is where I was most of the time. On my bum. It has bruises on it today.

Snowboarding is so hard! I knew it would be. I was pushing myself up constantly so my wrists are killing me today! My bum hurts and my knees are a bit sore. I always take like 24 hours to really feel pain for some reason, though, so I will be in for it tonight I’m sure. I have a 4-day weekend to recover though! (: It was great motivation to work out harder, the muscle groups I forget exist. I’m going to hit the lunges and squats harder, plus the tricep dips so I can push myself up easier when I fall. I spend so much time at the gym trying to burn calories, I think I forget to get in shape!

I was getting the hang of it, kind of, by the end of the night {but no photographic proof, of course. Dang it!}.

I am excited to have something to look forward to during the Utah winters, because I normally DREAD them. I want to get better so I can not HATE the snow!


2 thoughts on “eatin snow.”

  1. That is awesome! I know the feeling. I tried snowboarding a few years ago and I spent the whole time on my butt! I am pretty sure I had bruises too. The scariest part for me was getting off the lift onto the hill, I am such a scardy cat! Makes me totally admire the great Olympians!

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