What is “creating,” for you? For me it is combing thrift stores for a dress or chair to make-over. Or coming up with a budget-friendly solution to organizing my spices. Or whipping up a delicious dinner, sans-recipe, to use up what I’ve got in my fridge or garden. Or saying “I can make that” and resolving not to buy it just because the gratification is instant. We go through the motions of managing our households, cooking meals, and keeping ourselves dressed appropriately every day. Sometimes it’s a chore. But I try to remind myself it can be an absolute event if I let it.

Lately I’ve been striving to add a little creative energy into everything I do. So, since I’ve been thinking about it, I made a list. These are the reasons I can think of for making/creating something.

  1. You can save money using things you already have in your home, particularly your recycle bin.
  2. People without hobbies are boring.
  3. Handmade gifts are the best.
  4. You can help the planet by using things otherwise going into landfills.
  5. You can have unique clothing and accessories. Totally original!
  6. It builds confidence. Once you’ve made something awesome, you’ll be addicted.
  7. Your home, too, can show off your personality. There’s nothing cool and original about buying everything to match perfectly.
  8. Because… retail is over-priced. But great for ideas/inspiration…
  9. Because you may find something you are fantastic at.
  10. Because it teaches you appreciation for how things are assembled, for other people’s creativity, for the simple things. It can change how you look at everything.
  11. Creating things is therapeutic. So is making messes.
  12. Something hand-made can change the look of a room, taking it from IKEA showroom to your own personal space.
  13. It will connect you to the past; our current culture is wasteful and things are disposable. Our grandparents who made quilts from old clothes had the right idea.
  14. You might meet people like you, if you wear your creativity on your sleeve.
  15. Because even mistakes and mishaps teach you something; maybe patience, maybe graceful failure.
  16. It gives you a “thing.” People with a “thing” are interesting and you may find other people who share it with you.
  17. Because you can change your look on a whim and on a dime.
  18. You can bounce ideas off other creative-types. There’s no limit to creativity.
  19. Making something can keep you from mindless eating and zoning out in front of the tv… two bad habits of bored people.
  20. It gives you things to plan out in your spare time.
  21. It may teach you to be a more responsible consumer.
  22. Resolving to make rather than buy teaches you to wait patiently, and the reward is much sweeter.
  23. Home-cooked meals are healthier, tastier, and more economical. Three reasons in one.
  24. Cooking/eating at home is an event, if you eat your meals on the patio, take it to the park for a picnic, invite over some friends, or light a candle at the table.
  25. Thrift stores are fun to spend time in. So are craft stores.
  26. Because inspiration is everywhere.
  27. Because practice makes perfect.
  28. Because you need things to look forward to on rainy days.
  29. It makes you open-minded. Everything has potential and is just waiting for paint, beads, fabric or scissor treatment.
  30. Some music was made to listen to while creating.
  31. Because old things deserve new life, and spray paint can work magic.
  32. It’s something to do when you’re bored, stressed out, home sick, etc.
  33. It’s a conversation starter. People are enthralled by homemade and/or original things.
  34. Sometimes spending time alone is exactly what you need.
  35. It is so rewarding to bask in your own creative successes!

Did I miss anything? Crafty/creative-types, why do you create?


5 thoughts on “.create.”

  1. Love the list Kellie. Makes me want to make something. I love to create things, especially by baking. I wish I would take more time to do it. I love no. 11, because creating really is “therapeutic” for me some days. It definetly makes me find myself, when I get lost sometimes. Love this post!

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