delightfully tacky

I found this buried in my new favorite junk shop today – $3!

J thinks it’s kind of hideous, but he does what all good husbands should do and trusts my design sensibilities over his own. Or at least knows not to bite the hand that makes his peanut butter pancakes. Good husband, here is a cookie. The shop owner (who looks suspiciously like an aged Luke Perry) said “where’d you pull this huge bastard from?” I know, right? I had to man-handle a mid-century modern credenza to rescue this. It really is huge, too. And it’s going on my living room wall, which is going to require just a bit of editing and tweaking to not clash horribly. I heart it. And if/when I stop hearting it, I’m totally going to metallic-leaf it.

Anyway, the living room is getting a $3 makeover this weekend and it can hardly contain itself. I will be sharing.

Happy weekend, everyone.


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