DIY photobooths

I had an idea to make my own photobooth for my next shindig. So I Googled it. And would you believe there are like A MILLION brilliant executions of this out there? I LOVE THESE. I’m totally going to figure out how to do a fun one for Halloween.

Via Every Last Detail.

Via Bridepop.


Via RuffledBlog.

Via Looks Good to Me.

I think it would be fun to have a basket of props and costumes {mustache on a stick?} available for the shenanigans.  Anyone ever done this?


2 thoughts on “DIY photobooths”

  1. I absolutely adore the idea of doing a photo booth for a Halloween party…I just might have to come up with something for my party this year…

  2. I love the idea of a photo booth for a party. We always have an annual Halloween party, I might have to steal your idea too. Thanks!

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