You guys, I totally cheated on my wardrobe challenge yesterday. In a moment of serious summer shoe desperation, I racked my brain for a loophole to not spending. I decided that if I added up my remaining Christmas gift cards ($26) and all the loose change I could find in my house, car, purses, gym bag, etc. (9lbs, approximately), it was a perfectly legal way to fund a little retail splurge.

I ended up with a total of $78 to spend after hitting the Coinstar. Wanting the most bang for my buck, I hit the Target and Old Navy clearance racks and ended up with a tank top, a t-shirt with a screen printed wolf {cooler than it sounds}, a really 80s looking dress, a summery scarf, and 2 pairs of wedge sandals. Grand total: $66. That left me with $12 I didn’t even spend and that familiar old rush I get from great bargains. Hello, old friend. I’ve missed you.

I was bragging to Jonathan about how clever I was, and he started calling me Nancy, as in Nancy Drew. I guess that kind of works. Only instead of solving mysteries, I search for loopholes to my own personal resolutions that allow me the delusion that I still have integrity.

Thanks for keeping me honest, Internet. Phew, I feel better now.


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