ultimate wardrobe challenge // month 5

Only one month left til I can go blow my whole paycheck at Forever 21. I joke.

Favs: 123, 131, 145, 147.

Let’s not talk about the ones I hated because there were just SO MANY.

One month left… and I think I said there’d be a twist? Oy. I meant to plan something clever, like a Lucky-magazine inspired “month of outfits” where they remix 25 or so items into 30 outfits. Too much planning, but maybe I’ll try it in July? So instead I’m just going to work on making it the most creative month yet. It may require some risks and a little more planning, but I’m hoping it will be fun and I won’t get fired for fashion. :p


2 thoughts on “ultimate wardrobe challenge // month 5”

  1. I love it when your favorites are the same as my favorites. It makes me feel more confident about my choices.

    (Also, I just noticed the new banner… love!)

    1. thank you, on the banner. and thank YOU for validating my favorites. sometimes the ones i feel most self-conscious about initially turn out to be the best ones because they are the most interesting. they are also the ones that seem polarizing. i say that as though i’m incredibly controversial. what i mean is, they are the ones i get both compliments AND weird looks over. you know. but i work with conservative retired military folk. they often ask me things like “are you dressed as a matador today? {capris and cropped jacket} or did you ride your Harley to work {when wearing boots} to which I reply, yep. Want a ride to lunch in my side car, bitch?” Except not really.

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