herbal essenses

I finally found a solution to my spice storage conundrum. My former system wasn’t working – a spindle-style spice rack with pre-printed spice names on the lid {which were plastic so I couldn’t just paint over it.} And because there were about 10 spices in it I rarely used {marjoram?} I threw them away when they were expired leaving a half-empty spice rack and another cupboard full of miscellaneous spices in bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes.

Solution: this post from Delicious Days. Those tiny tins are so perfect for decanting random spices into, and matching labels make me very happy. {I love her color-coordinated ones but that seemed kind of fussy for me to mess with as I accumulate more. I am someone who only wants to revamp a system once then make sure maintenance is easy from then on!}

I purchased these inexpensive food-safe tins here; this is the best deal I could find after lots and lots of searching online.  I bought two cases – 48 of them! {30 of which are now in use}. The most frequently-used ones are in front for easy access, but I may fashion a tray to put them on so I can pull the entire thing out if needed.

P.S. Isn’t it funny how something like this makes you feel like you might have changed your life? Is this how people feel when they have a baby? Because I feel like I just created something amazing and I can’t stop looking at my spice collection in awe. Which is precisely how I think I would feel about a baby, except I wouldn’t keep it in the cabinet. Unless we have people over for dinner. Infants are kind of in the way.

P.P.S. My kitchen totally smells like hippies from all those herbs getting dumped in these little containers.

P.P.P.S: By the way, my favorite spice I never knew I needed til now is Garum Masala. Ever since Indian-themed cooking club last month, I have been adding it to everything! YUM YUM. I have made a vegetable korma similar to this and it’s my new favorite dish. I can’t believe I’ve been missing cooking my own Indian food my whole life. Doh!


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