mom, dad? i blog.

I haven’t told many people I blog. Generally just friends who also blog {most of them more secure and “out” as bloggers}. Perhaps I’m scared of the rejection of it, that people will think it’s super dorky {it is, yes, but still. I am self-aware}, or self-obsessed {I am, but I’m aware of that, too.} It just hasn’t come up much because it’s awkward. And I’m the queen of awkward. In fact, when I email this link to friends eventually it might just say, “hi, it’s Kellie. You know how I’m always super awkward? TURNS OUT that I actually really like to talk about myself and the minutiae of my life.  Just not out loud. So I blog. Yeah… so this is awkward, too.”

And then half of them will say “honey, we’ve known about your blog all along, we are so glad you’re finally out of the closet.” And the other half will just shake their heads at my lifestyle choice and vow to never try to understand. “The girl takes pictures of herself and her wacky scissors/glue projects and puts em’ all over the Internet. That girl ain’t right.”

So, why the blog shame? What are your thoughts on coming out as a blogger?


10 thoughts on “mom, dad? i blog.”

  1. I started my blog in January. I am ferociously private about it, even though I harbour secret Walter Mittyesque dreams of it becoming a super smash sensation. Kinda Julie/Julia type thing. My first follower was my sixteen year old daughter’s friend, and I don’t even know if she reads it.
    To be honest, I really didn’t even know what a blog was until January, and I found yours via Young House Love. Actually I found the List Called Lucky, which directed me here, and I really enjoy reading your blog. You’ve introduced me to Polyvore, and I love your wardrobe challenge. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s too bad more of your friends don’t know about Rockstar Boots, but I’m really glad I do!

  2. Oh man, Young House Love is so great, and I’m convinced that’s how anyone finds me. The day they clear my old blog off their link list is the day I get lost in cyberspace forever.

    Other people’s blogs are hugely inspiring to me – writing, design, fashion, DIY, home improvement… all of it. I always think others should be unapologetically proud of what they have to say but am reluctant to do so myself, but I’m getting there! I love how we can all share things we find elsewhere, our own projects and ideas, etc, and inspire each other. How great is that?

    Thanks for the comment and for reading my lil’ blog!

  3. My problem with telling people about my blog is that then I feel kind of sad if they don’t read it. And then it’s awkward if I am repeating a story that was on my blog and I’m thinking in the back of my mind, “Didn’t you read about this on my blog?” Yep… just that self-absorbed.

    1. Well, I think your blog is awesome but I also don’t mind repeated stories. I’m pretty much the perfect friend.;) I hear ya, and I think that’s why I mostly tell other bloggers that I blog. Blog writers are blog readers and remember to and want to keep up with other blogs. Maybe? I don’t know.

  4. Haha, this is a great post. I totally tell people about my blog, but isn’t it funny how some of the people closest to you totally aren’t interested? Lol. That’s why I love the blogger community because we all have very similar interests!

    1. that’s so true! and it is funny {sad} that sometimes i have a softer spot for people who read my blog than people who don’t. HAHAHA

      1. ^i should say, of my closest friends. i harbor a bit of resentment for those who don’t care. i know, i’m incredibility shallow that way.

  5. Kellie, my cuz…I love you. I admire you for blogging. Obviously my new years resolution to try and blog didn’t turn out. When I was younger, I could blog and write poems like no other. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself remaining more quiet and independent and can’t seem to find any words to even write in a blog even though my mind is always going a million miles an hour with thoughts.

    Your blog isn’t just “A BLOG”. It’s more like reading Glamour Magazine. You get DIY idea’s, fashion tips, journal entries that one can relate to, and you even add humor in your pieces. I’ve never seen a blog as fun, entertaining, and involved as yours. I love it…Keep on keepin’ on!


    1. you are so sweet. thanks for the words! i am glad you read my silly lil’ blog.

      sometimes it’s just about writing ANYTHING…even if not the best, most inspiring thing ever. i still haven’t found my groove or voice yet and i’ve been doing it 3 years. i just like having a place to put thoughts and inspiring things and memories for my own personal reference later… maybe narcissistic to some. even to me sometimes. but i have some opinions on that for another post another day… the gist being BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU. if people don’t like it, they can leave rude comments you can reject, or they can move along and find somewhere else that offers them something they connect with. or makes them happy.

      you don’t have to blog to say what you need to say, but you should find a way to do it! love you, too!

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