stuff to celebrate.

Long weekend, with lots to do, and lots to celebrate!

  • Happy Memorial day, everyone! We are headed for a quick camp-out tomorrow morning with some fun couples. I have new hiking shoes and a four wheeling helmet to break in {birthday came early this year!}.
  • My dad is officially 60 years young today. He looks 40 and acts 21, so this 60 thing is sort of freaking me out. I hope my parents’ young-looking genes are a good sign of things to come for me. But this isn’t about me, this is about my pops {as JB would say}. Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope you like the arts and crafts project I made for you while I was bored in the office today. Some things never change, we just evolve from macaroni art to office supply art.

{Thas’ muh pops as a kid. Love this picture so much.}

  • And guess what? My puppy is 4 today- she shares a birthday with my dad. I didn’t get her anything except she got to lick the Styrofoam container I brought my Indian food leftovers home in. So she’s pretty content.

I hope everyone has a lovely, safe weekend.



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