christmas wishlists

Every year, my husband gets one of these in December: a little .jpeg collage of things I would like for Christmas. I feel a few minutes of guilt every time  for our materialism, but it’s one of my favorite things about this time of year… making a little want list, editing, prioritizing, and laying it out all pretty-like for his shopping ease.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?


3 thoughts on “christmas wishlists”

  1. i love your new blog! the layout is so pleasing to the eye. do you like wordpress better than blogspot?

    i think it’s awesome that you make a picture collage list for your husband. fool-proof! everyone gets what they want! genius!

    1. thanks girl! i like wordpress better just for how it looks. it’s about equal in usability. i dig it. 🙂

      how are you feeling? – any better? i hope you are taking care of yourself and getting healthy!

  2. Lucky husband and good idea. I try to explain mine to Wes or write it down and I don’t think he understands a thing I say. I should do something like this! Merry Christmas!

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