oooooooooo shiny stuff.

I am considering filling my house with shiny and glittery objects year-round. I love love love that about the Christmas season.

Can you spot the green, glittery poinsettia? This year I went with a green and brown color scheme- lots of glitter and gold, too. I was going to try to attempt making ornaments by covering plastic deer with glitter, a la Martha, and maybe incorporate some glittery pine cones and acorns and go with a theme I’d dubbed “Enchanted Forest.” I know. It’s cheesy. That is what I do. I searched high and low for those stupid plastic deer. I even had my husband calling me from some junk store in Salt Lake one day – “what about a moose? Could you use plastic moose? How about glitter horses?” Bless him.

I gave it up and will order them online for next year. So sad.

Here’s the deer-less outcome anyway. I like. That tree skirt…ish… thing is actually a pair of garish chartreuse curtain panels I picked up for $1 at a store closing sale.

OH!! Check out how much mileage my owl stamp is getting this year! I made baby gift tags with it in the summer, as well. Forgot to post. Anywho. That scarf is a fabric scrap and I sewed the button to the card stock. Green and brown, green and brown. I think it’s the best color combination EVER.

Anyone want to share their decked-out casbah or Christmas craftyness?


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