come on over.

Welp. Here’s the mash-up I came up with for the new(ish) guest bedroom. Everyone’s officially cordially invited to stay with us.


Duvet and pillow cases are new. Duvet is Thomas O’Brien for Target. Pillow cases are a bamboo fiber set from Target. Blanket across the foot of the bed is a tapestry I picked up on clearance a few months back. Green pillow is super old. I sewed the floral pillow case from a vintage pillow case I’ve been hanging on to for years. {Maybe it’s twin will be a skirt one day. Remember when they were totally the shiz? Pillow case skirts? I still dig ’em.} Everything else was lying around.

I changed my mind on the complete thriftstore boho look in this room because it’s so tiny and the bed takes up most of the room. {Does it feel half-assed and just accidentally non-matching now?}

{I am planning a sorta giant de-junking event for this weekend. Stay tuned.}


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