guest room primping.

I am in the market for some bedding for our soon-to-be guest room. We got a new queen bed for our room, so the old one’s been moved to the basement bedroom, which will serve as a cozy little guest room. It’s actually a really nice room with new paint, recessed lighting and carpet, but it’s become an absolutely frightening storage room. We are in serious need of de-junking. I’m hoping that actually making the room nice will inspire us to keep it tidy and not relegate it to a place to store excess junk. We shall see.

I really dig {and can afford to draw inspiration from} the boho vibe of this room:

acampbell-palletbed-2 - design sponge

{Image via Design*Sponge}

Here’s on this week’s agenda:

1. De-junk/organize the room.This is the tricky part because none of it’s my stuff. I admit, I’m one of those wives that banishes my husband’s stuff to unseen areas of the house. But he’d admit none of it is attractive. :p

2. Find a simple, inexpensive duvet cover and bed skirt.

3. Straighten up the closet. The room serves as the place dirty laundry piles up and gets sorted between washing {our washer and dryer are located in another closet}. So long as the laundry can be contained in the closet and out of sight, I will be happy.

4. I have a collection of mismatched vintage pillowcases- I will see if I can use those somehow. Use stuff I’ve already got to decorate it.

I will post before and after pictures. 🙂


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