sushi night.

Last night I hosted my first-ever sushi-making party at my digs. It was a great success! So fun. On the menu: miso soup, California rolls, tempura shrimp, chicken and vegetables, homemade teriyaki sauce and Sake. Steve even brought Japanese beer.

I assigned each guest with a list of ingredients to provide, keeping them relatively the same, cost-wise. I furnished everything for the California rolls and busted out my new porcelain appetizer plates, condiment dishes, and chopsticks. We learned to make each dish together, as much as my freakin tiny kitchen would allow. Here are the recipes!

Here are Steve and Deanna working on some tempura chicken and vegetables:


We made California rolls. Supposedly none of us had done this before, but I think Becca must have secretly practiced rolling beforehand because hers looked totally perfect.


Getting ready to pour some sake:


Here’s the spread! I can’t believe how much we made and that it all turned out so delicious!


We sat on the floor around my multi-purpose IKEA coffee table. Everyone was a good sport about it despite the lack of leg room. Here we are about to eat!


Score! Sian used chopsticks successfully for the first time!


I totally forgot to plan a Japanese-themed desert! At the last minute I made pink cupcakes and we ate them on Hello Kitty plates. Because… awesome. The guys liked it. :p





2 thoughts on “sushi night.”

  1. and I thought you were totally done with blogging! love the new blog. you are so hip. i love reading about all your fancy parties and your decorating adventures. your decorating too. you are so fun!

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