jewelry vanity desk

For what feels like the 20th time this fall/winter season, I am sick. It’s just a cold, but it’s a bummer. Luckily it’s a three-day weekend for me and I can just stay home and sneeze, clorox stuff, repeat away from the office and get a few little things done in the meantime.

My cute yellow roll top desk has a new home in our bedroom. Love it!


I decided it was far too cute to be stuck in the basement after I moved it out of the dining area this summer so I decided to come up with a new purpose for it. Jewelry organization! It certainly isn’t space-saving {everything in here once fit in a small trunk on my bathroom counter}, but it’s pretty, and it’s reversible, and it was free. Plus it’s pretty awesome.

Let’s peak in the drawers, shall we? {Pay no mind to the imperfect paint job inside the drawers!}


This drawer contains bracelets, and a couple flower pins. The front row of bracelets is sorted, from left to right, by beaded, charm, metal, and shell.


My earrings are sorted by color in little plastic trays from the Target dollar bin section {there’s always something awesome there}.


Studs are on cards in a bowl, and some of the largest earrings are corralled in a little teacup in one of the small top drawers.


My rings are all in the other small drawer. I made the little ring box with a paper mache box from JoAnn and a cloth napkin. I found the genius idea via Pinterest, here. {My ring collection is much smaller so this little box was perfect.} A couple big rings wouldn’t fit, so they are in the green votive holder.


Under the roll top, I put my small bags/clutches, and a few amber glass pieces I have collected to hold the things I wear the most often. I might move those to my bathroom counter to be more convenient and find a way to store other accessories like scarves, in this area. I haven’t decided yet.


I’m mulling over a few other ideas. I would like to fit some paper to line the top drawers {I ran out of contact paper scraps}. I would like a little mirror on a stand for the inside. My necklaces are still hanging from the mirror on the other side of the room, but some hooks or pegs on the wall near the desk might be a better location.

For now, this is a really fun way to display my sparkly stuff and use this desk. Gotta love free projects!


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