a little paint love and kitchen command center

My two posts a week resolution is off to a horrible start {but I suppose there’s still hope for 104 total posts for the year, right?}. It’s not because I’m lacking things to post about. I have a running list. I’ve just been short on time! Here’s a project I actually finished up weeks ago, but haven’t gotten around to sharing (one of the many!)

My parents gave me this cute little roll-top desk they’ve owned for at least as long as I’ve been alive. It’s super cute. It’s where the thank you cards were located when I was little, so that’s what I think of every time I saw this desk! Writing those “Grandma and Grandma, thank you for the {insert weird tchotchke from Mexico here}. I love it!”

I asked permission to paint it and they were like – duh, that’s why we are giving it you. Oh. Right. Yippee!

This was going to be perfect for the kitchen. Our big island becomes a dumping ground for mail, coupons, pens, etc, and it drives me insane! This would be a perfect solution for organizing all of that household clutter.

Here she is in her refurbished glory:

I just love it! The yellow is kind of random for the color scheme I had planned {I CANNOT be nailed down to 3 colors, it’s a flaw}. But I think it looks great there. It’s super functional, too. Here’s what the inside looks like:

This is the kind of stuff that just lives in the kitchen in junk drawers, no matter if you have a separate office or not. Stuff just happens in the kitchen. Now there’s a little place for it. And it made for an obvious place to finally hang a calendar so now I feel so much more organized.

So it’s kind of a little command area that worked right into what I already had in there. That bookshelf is a workhorse, PS. Calendar on one side, books, plants and kitchen supplies, and the other side holds my cute apron collection:

Apron close-up {this girl doesn’t get to take photos in morning lighting too often, indulge me!}

A final view of the whole dining area, with my pretty new desk:

Woop! One post down. Promise to be back with more soon!


8 thoughts on “a little paint love and kitchen command center”

    1. I did sand it just enough to rough it up. And then I sanded lightly between coats (1 coat primer and 2 coats of paint).

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