july already.

If this garden snap from yesterday afternoon isn’t a sign that summer is getting away from me, I don’t know what is.

Remember what it looked like not too long ago?

Between longer-than-normal work hours, my Finance class, and various other time-suckers, nearly all my spare time’s been devoted to yard and house work – the daily maintenance kind, not the fun kind. And except for one weekend camping trip, we’ve yet to play at ALL! Pitiful.

So, with work projects winding down finally, it’s time to make the most of a new month. Here are my plans and goals for July:

  • 4th of July picnic & fireworks
  • Hit the Farmer’s Market
  • Rock climbing.. first hack
  • Host a BBQ
  • Go camping
  • Go tubing on the Weber river
  • Pay off my student loans! (:
  • Fiona Apple show
  • Finish up Finance class and map out the rest of my courses to finish my MBA.. let’s get this done already!
  • Organize the shed
  • Return failed Jasmine plant to Lowes and get a replacement
  • Finish painting the outside chairs, and get a new cushion for the lounger I got for free & fix the cushion Paisley destroyed, if possible. (:
  • Get some paving stones for in front of garden gate
  • Mount the birdhouse somewhere
  • Plant some flower pots in the garden
  • Spruce up master bathroom tub area {got some fun plans}
  • Get or make a new shower curtain for the little bathroom
  • Hang some art in the guest room {making this..}
  • Return the cabinet hardware I ordered
  • Make cherry jalapeño jelly with the bazillion cherries I pitted and froze last weekend

What’s everyone got planned for the month?


6 thoughts on “july already.”

  1. A cherry jalapeno pie? That sounds surprisingly delicious. It should be first on your list so you can tell me about it.

      1. Those veggies look pretty happy in their raised planters and drippers. You know how to do a garden for sure!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I love it, too. I seriously love spending time in that little corner of the yard. The rest is another story!! But we will get there. 🙂

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