redecorating the guest room

When we moved into our house last April, the guest room was the first room I painted. Kind of ass-backwards to paint the least-needed room, but it was the only one I’d decided on a paint color for, so I got to work on it one night after work. After that I put in our extra bed and some random furniture, but the room has served as basically a catch-all for random stuff ever since. Like: the closet is full of my out-of season clothing and currently unused decor items {I like to rotate things}. Around the holidays, the room served as a place to stash gifts. This spring/summer it was my sorting space for items I was going to put into the clothing/home decor stuff swap I did earlier this month {and forgot to blog about – doh!}

Anyway. This is how the room was looking this morning, with some remnants of the swap still lingering, and a random piece of driftwood on the bed..(?).. just go with it.

Here’s the other side of the room. That dresser belonged to my grandparents. I painted it and use it to store my mailing supplies, gift wrap, greeting cards and stationary {basically a mail-it/gift-it station}.

I keep the door to this room closed because it’s nothing to show off for sure.. it’s almost always in a chaos state, or at least in a really blah state like it was this morning. Time to finally make some tweaks and get a homey room together.

Did I mention I didn’t want to spend a dime?

I’m so bad about progress photo taking, so here’s the guest room after sprucing. HUGE improvement, if I do say so myself.

It’s a small room, obviously, with a closet on the wall opposite the window, so there are really only two ways to arrange the room. The bed under the window is such an upgrade. Since I’ve not gotten around to making another headboard, I thought the window would frame the bed better than a big blank wall did.

I added some more layers of pillows, and blankets at the foot of the bed. The ruffly pillow is actually a chair cushion that was once on a dining chair. They were just too poofy. But way too cute to not use somewhere.

Moving the dresser to the other side of the bed balanced the room a bit and gave me a cute nook to prettify. I just brought in random things from around the house {and the decor stash in the closet}: a couple frames, a framed butterfly print that was in the master bathroom, a leopard print headscarf, a little paper mache box, and a silk flower. Totally random.

On the far left wall, near the closet, I brought in a chair I bought and repainted a few years back, and folded and stacked some random blankets on it.

Nothing super fancy, but it’s functional and adds something to that side of the room. I love a few pieces of black furniture sitting around.

Still on the to-do list for the room {because there’s always more, is there not?}:

  • Get a bold/graphic bed skirt, or make one. {Not loving the white-on-white}.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Hang some art.
  • Organize the closet. {Seriously, it’s crazy in there.}

But for now, it’s hugely improved and for an hour of work and $0 I am really happy with it! Gotta love a project you an finish before you’ve finished your morning coffee.


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