christmasy-type stuff

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger, enjoying lazy winter evenings and plenty of fun winter/holiday activities. I hope everyone’s in the home stretch getting ready for the holidays!

I already told you my house was decked out, but I’ve been up to other stuff, too:

  • Shopping is done. Done! In November, no less.
  • I was charged with planning my company’s holiday party, which was last weekend, and it was a success! But I’m so glad it’s over. Go hug your corporate party-planner today because they deserve it. It’s a royal pain.
  • Made a little advent calendar to count down the month, with a Christmas-y activity to do each day… then promptly got sick and lost steam to do much at all! I just painted a plain canvas brown; the “tree” is made with ribbon and baby clothespins I painted green. I will use it next year…

  • I ordered a print-your-own calendar from this Etsy shop {looks like that one’s no longer available but there are about a million other cute ones} and made up little fridge calendars for the gals in my family. I have 3 sisters-in-law, 2 almost sisters-in-law, and 2 moms and wanted to get them a little something just for being awesome. For a $5 download, paper, ink, and a few CD sleeves, these gifts were less than $1 each. Don’t worry, moms get a “real” gift, too. 😉 Here they are packed in their CD sleeves.

I wrapped them in a brown paper lunch bag {just slide in and fold down}. I clipped on magnetic bulldog clips to the bows and tags to hold the calendar on a magnetic surface.

  • Got myself a Christmas present early this year – some nice snow boots! I ordered these from Zappos and have yet to wear them {except around the house} because it’s been rainy rather than snowy here in Utah, but I am sure the time will come. I need to make friends with the winter because I hate it! These little beauties will help. PS, I am LOVING Zappos! They rock.

  • Made some homemade marshmallows and hot cocoa for a few co-workers. These made a sticky, gooey mess and were entirely too time-consuming, but they ARE pretty neat. I used this recipe but added some peppermint extract and some swirled-in red food coloring. I haven’t packaged up the gifts cuz I am out of tissue paper, but I got cute stoneware mugs to package the mix and ‘mallows in.

  • This upcoming week’s task is to finish planning a little cooking get-together with my favorite Vegans for next weekend. On the menu is a Christmas nut loaf, mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and for dessert… roasted chestnuts and soy-nog! We are also doing a Secret Santa gift swap of cooking-related gadgets. Very excited about this one.
  • I’ve been working on my New Year’s Resolutions already. I put a ridiculous amount of thought into this each year. It’s my favorite thing!

What’s everyone else doing to get ready for the holidays?


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