stuff i heart sunday – vol. 1: braids

Thought I’d start doing a weekly post on what I’m diggin, what I’m Google-searching, and what I’m hacking at home. This week it’s BRAIDS. ♥ I love how effortless but eye-catching braids look.

Those front-braids are so pretty and I’m trying to learn how to do it myself but I need about 4 more hands. I can, however, braid some leather and make a cute bracelet, and enjoy the inspiration. If I can accomplish the front braid I will be sure to post. Those YouTube tutorials make me feel stabby or else that’d probably do the trick.


3 thoughts on “stuff i heart sunday – vol. 1: braids”

  1. When I had long hair I could do all sorts of braids on myself – the trick is to NOT use a mirror. And make sure your hair is a little damp.

  2. jealous! i’ve never mastered them except little braids randomly through my hair. good tips! i’ll keep workin on it!! thanks, gal!

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