perfect boots.

I think that these are the most perfect boots ever.

I might start a Frye fund. That’s 77 Venti skinny vanilla lattes.

These could be mine by 2011.


2 thoughts on “perfect boots.”

  1. KELLIE! thanks for your sweet comment. you are too nice….it goes along with my goals for this year. Primarily, I am determined to spend more time taking care of me. It’s hard when I get the three girls ready to still have it in me to get ready myself…

    One of the things I am most excited about is to start practicing yoga again. Aren’t you a yogi? I am wondering if you know any good dvds out there. I am going to get a couple this week and it would be good to have a recommendation so I don’t totally waste my money. Hope you are having a great week! thanks!

    1. hi! that’s a great goal- i hope you really make it happen. you deserve some “you” time and its in your family’s best interest, too. 🙂

      i do yoga when i can, but it’s at my gym… i’ve never had luck with any yoga DVDs keeping my interest, but i haven’t tried many. i do like Windsor Pilates and i would recommend that but yoga… i wouldn’t be able to give you a real opinion. sorry about that! hope you find some good ones {and let me know if you do!}

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