ultimate wardrobe challege // month 1 recap

One month down on my wardrobe challenge. Phew! Turns out the hardest part is not repeating outfits. Or at least… not repeating outfits and still making them semi picture-worthy.

Also, with all the layering I do in winter, I don’t have as much clothing as I thought I did. I’ve worn nearly every winter item I own. I’ve definitely worn every pair of shoes and jeans. Hurry, spring!

Here’s the January re-cap!

HA! Little pictures are so cute.

My favorite outfits were days:

  • 3 {My most favorite of the uber-casual weekend outfits.}
  • 6 {I love that maroon waistcoat. I think I paid $4 for it on clearance and I dig the layering options of it.}
  • 12 {the yellow and gray combo is fun and trendy and I love that silly scarf I made.}
  • 19 {I thought that shirt would be too short to wear to work but I have this amazing ability to frump up everything I wear… ha. I threw it on as an homage to Brittany Murphy.}
  • 25 {gauchos and boots combo was a new experiment for me.}

So far so good on not purchasing anything new, but I am still keeping a tally of the approved purchases which I will add up at the end. I also have a list of projects upcycling some stuff I’ve already got, but my homework and housekeeping is keeping me too busy to get started on it! I need a day off from work to play with crafty stuff!

Goals for February:

  • Make a little more effort on the weekends. I dress pretty boring on lazy Sundays.
  • Get the too-long pants and jeans I’ve got hemmed so I have more to wear.
  • On the crafty-horizon: making arm warmers and string a few necklaces {need something white/clear/sparkly}. Also, I’m going to make something wearable that’s Valentine’s Day-themed.

How’s everyone else doing on their goals for the year? How about those of you who are trying to do this along with me? Let me know how it’s going!


2 thoughts on “ultimate wardrobe challege // month 1 recap”

  1. Hey Kellie!

    You have really showed a lot of creativity with your layering options! I know it didn’t make your favorites list, but I still love the outfit with the houndstooth skirt and the orange sweater. I wish I could say that I was faithful to the challenged, but I gave in to temptation when I was in Louisiana with my family. After that shopping binge,I may need to attend SA (shoppers anonymous)! But February is a new months, and I intend to stick to the challenge!

    1. Thanks, Steph! I like that outfit, too. 🙂 That skirt’s one of my favorite thrift store scores!

      Better luck for this month- you can do it!

      I hope LA was great- see ya at Fondue night!!!

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