a wish list for fall

Sweaters and leggings and chai lattes, hurray! I love fall so much. Here are a few things that I’m crushing on with a fallish vibe.

Fall 2017 Wishlist

  • A Moravian Star light fixture. I just feel like this would complete my kitchen revamp and give it such a cozy feel.
  • Lush bath bombs. I’m not sure I could get out of a tub too easily at this point, but a relaxing soak sounds lovely.
  • Felted ball coasters. ❤
  • A block printed apron like this. I need to just make a cute apron this season (because I don’t already have a million other projects going already, right..?)
  • Hedgehog mug. WHAT?!
  • All the pretty rugs.
  • A snake plant, because soon my only plant fix will be indoors.
  • All the pretty blankets. I love these Alpaca ones.

Who’s ready for fall??


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