6 months!

Hannah turned 6 months old on Saturday. I can’t believe it! Time goes so quickly.

10565234_10204729337020160_8680926049986267904_nWeight: ~14lbs

Eyes: Definitely blue!

Hair color: Honey blonde

Nicknames: Hannie, Han, Bug, Munchkin, Banana

Milestones: making “B” and “D” sounds in addition to lots of vowels, giggles and shrieks; rolling over; sitting up (a little wobbly still); and looking like crawling is imminent!

Eats: Still breastfed and has tried peas, green beans, zucchini, and peaches. (Making purees with the Baby Bullet!)

Sleeps: In her crib at night but still wakes every 2-3 hours. Naps best in sling or car seat. Girl likes to be in motion!

Loves: The dogs.. she’s obsessed with them; being outside; being read to; her Dad’s beard; her bouncer.

Hates: Nap time!

Favorite Toy: Silicone muffin cups! And her Sophie the Giraffe.

Happy half-year little bug. We love you so much.


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