everyday distractions // “yellow house” by grizzly bear

I love love love my library. Since moving into a new county (almost two years ago now!) I’ve been frequently a new, larger, older library. I get lost in there. I grab stacks of books on whatever subject I’m into, and go sit in a corner to look through a few immediately, hauling several home for later. Lately it’s books on sustainable living and vintage jewelry collecting. And there’s always a new cookbook to glance through. {I’ve got a temporary ban on fiction in my life while I get through my last couple of classes. I have issues setting time limits on myself on anything but non-fiction, and this girl needs to study!}

I also stop by the CD racks and pick up some new music to check out. I still love CDs and the fun of finding new music without it being ruined by things like YouTube comments. Just listening, no seeing, no one trying to influence my opinion while I go through the tracks. At the library, nobody tells you what’s cool. I just pick one up, and absorb an album in its entirety, appreciating it in its rightful context. How very 90s.


This week I have been giving a listen to the album Yellow House by the band Grizzly Bear. It’s beautiful. I particularly love this track.


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