hawaiian vacation

Even though we’ve been saving our pennies in a travel fund for over a year and booked everything half a year in advance to get the best deals, I still feel so incredibly spoiled saying we are going to Hawaii this week! Everything’s paid for minus the food and souvenirs, so it should be a stress-free, much-needed break from the bitter cold Utah winter and the daily office grind. SO excited to get there.

I’ve been slowly packing as I think of things then I’ll try to pair down to some mix-and-match outfits for all the occasions. I love packing, and usually sketch out my outfits or make some dorky Polyvore collage because I think planning is one of the best parts of anything!

On the agenda:

Maui –

  • Resort stay
  • Half-day whale watching cruise
  • Full-on luau
  • Road to Hana drive {with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking, snorkeling…}
  • Hiking a dormant volcano
  • Shopping/wineries/galleries and cheese-tasting in Haleakala

Oahu –

  • Beach-front hotel
  • Beach-walk, fruity drinks and lots and lots of sand time
  • North shore to watch surfing
  • Snorkling at Turtle Bay
  • Pearl Harbor

I’ll be a bad blogger for the next week and a half, as I’m in crunch time for homework before we head out! Aloha!


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