2010 UWC

January 1, 2010 I pledged to save money and be more creative with what I wear on a daily basis. These are the rules. And here are my daily outfits!

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Day 181: Oh yeah, and THE LAST DAY!!! Skirt {xHileration, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, cardigan {Glimmer}, sandals {old, who knows}, necklace {Claires}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 180: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Vanity}, necklace {Rue 21}, shoes {Payless}.

Day 179: Skirt {don’t know, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, cardi {Banana Republic, thrifted}, sandals {old, don’t know}.

Day 178: Dress {So}, flip flops {Merona}. {Ah, lazy, hot summer days.}

Day 177: Skirt {Merona}, tank {Old Navy}, flip flops {Merona}, earrings {Park Lane}.

Day 176: Jeans {BKE}, tee {Rue 21}, tank {Merona}, flip flops {Merona}, earrings {Forever 21}.

Day 175: Capris {Merona}, tee {Rue 21}, tank {Merona}, heels {Payless}, cuff {Merona}, necklace {Rue 21}.

Day 174: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, shirt {Apt 9}, vest {Decree}, shoes {Payless}, bracelet {UT gift shop}.

Day 173: skirt {Merona}, tee {Forever 21}, sandals {old, not sure}.

Day 172: yellow dress {Mossimo, thrifted}, shoes {Merona}, owl ring {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 171: capris {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Merona}, flip flops {Merona}, earrings {Claires}.

Day 170: yardwork allll day. I spend zero minutes in anything presentable today. No photos!

Day 169: Jeans {BKE}, tee {Daytrip}, flip flops {Merona}, bracelet {Buckle}.

Day 168: capris {Speechless, thrifted}, tank {Alpine design}, cardi {Merona}, scarf {Old Navy}, flats {Merona}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 167: capris {Maurices}, tee {Old Navy}, blazer {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {Payless}, necklace {gift shop}.

Day 166: Skirt {Old Navy}, black tank {Merona}, white tank {GAP}, sandals {Merona}, bracelet {gift shop}.

Day 165: Capris {Merona}, tank {Celle Celle Celle}, sandals {old, don’t know}, necklace {Claires}.

Day 164: Yoga pants {Merona}, tank {Alpine Design}, hoodie {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {asics}.

Day 163: jeans {YMI}, tank {Alpine Design}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {lei}.

Day 162: jeans {Big Star}, tank {Licorice}, shirt {Merona}, flip flops {Merona}, bracelet {gift shop}, necklace {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 161: Pants {Hollister, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, flip flops {Merona}, belt {xHileration?}

Day 160: Dress {xHileration}, shoes {Payless}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 159: Skirt {Old Navy}, tank {Vanity}, wedges {Mossimo}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, orange necklace {don’t remember}.

Day 158: Capris {Merona}, vest {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {Payless}, cuff {Merona}, necklaces {Claires and Forever 21}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 157: Shorts {Calvin Klein – thrifted}, tee {Vintage I think- the Target line, not actually vintage}, flip flops {Merona}.

Day 156: Shorts {Mossimo}, tank {Merona}, belt {Charlotte Russe}, flip flops {Merona}.

Day 155: Jeans {Big Star}, brown tank {Merona}, grey tank {Old Navy}, scarf {Old Navy}, flip flops {xhileration}, cuff {Merona}, necklaces {the usual}, earrings {Park Lane}.

Day 154: Capris {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Alpine Design}, vest {Merona}, tote {Target}, necklaces {Claires, Forever 21, made the magazine bead one}, bracelet {gift shop}, sandals {Merona}.

Day 153: Capris {Maurices}, shirt {Merona}, tank {Merona}, shoes {Old Navy}, cuff {Merona}.

Day 152: Skirt {thrifted}, tee {Merona}, belt {Rue 21}, shoes {Merona}, necklaces {Claires, Forver 21}.


Day 151: I pretty much forget how to dress today. And how to do my hair. And makeup. 2 days in the mountains and I forgot what it’s like already so have to look presentable. Today I stood in my closet for 30 minutes trying to decide if it was too late into my wardrobe challenge to just scrap it and give up. Finally I decided it was, being my last day of my 5th month in. One month to go. I am awesome. Jeans {Tyte, thrifted}, tank {no label, thrifted}, vest {Mossimo}, sandals {Urban Outfitters}, cuff {Merona}, earrings {Aeropostale, I think}.

Days 149 & 150: You’ll have to take my word for it that I didn’t repeat any outfits these days; I was out in the mountains camping and 4 wheeling. In fact, I didn’t wear anything I’d wear in public, ever.

Day 148: Jeans {Big Star}, grey tank {Charlotte Russe}, safari jacket {Charlotte Russe}, flip flops {old, don’t remember}, earrings and cuff {Merona}.

Day 147: Skirt {Ann Tayler, thrifted}, tee {Forever 21}, cardigan {Rue 21}, shoes {Payless}, necklace {Park Lane}.

Day 146: Dress {Old Navy}, sandals {Merona}, bracelet {Merona}, necklace {Park Lane}.

Day 145: Skirt {Merona}, lace tank {thrifted}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {Payless}.

Day 144: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Merona}, cardigan {So}, shoes {lei}, bracelet {Merona}, necklace {Park Lane}.

Day 143: Still sick and looking as craptastic as I feel. Jeans {Converse AllStar}, Avenged Sevenfold tee {concert purchase}, flip flops {Merona}.

Day 142: We are going to pretend this day of hair didn’t happen. Actually, this whole week of bad hair. I got a bad haircut on Monday. Which I got fixed on Thursday night, but that now requires lots of effort to style {so many layers} to look more Joan Jett {Yesterday} than Billy Ray Cyrus {today}. Also, I am sick. I am hacking and bitching and moaning and wasn’t about to make the effort to wield a flat iron. So let’s talk outfit. Jeans {Tyte}, vest {No Boundries, thrifted}, cardigan {Merona}, flip flops {Merona}, button necklace {made it}.

Day 141: Jeans {BKE}, tank {Alpine Design}, jacket {So}, flip flops {Merona}, bracelet {gift shop}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 140: Pants {Hollister, thrifted}, tank {Banana Republic, thrifted}, crocheted vest {Banana Republic, thrifted}, gladiator sandals {Urban Outfitters}.

Day 139: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tee {Wet Seal}, vest {Mossimo, thrifted}, shoes {lei}, cuff {Merona}, necklace {Forever 21}.

Day 138: Capris {Maurices}, tank {Merona}, top {NY & Co, thrifted}, shoes {Payless}, bracelet {gift shop}, necklaces {Claires, Forever 21}.

Day 137: Shorts {Mossimo}, tank {Merona}, vest {Wet Seal}, flip flops {Merona}.

Day 136: Shorts {Columbia}, tee {Merona}, shoes {don’t know… some cheapo Target ones}, bandana {can’t remember… old!}. Went hiking today so this is the best it gets!

Day 135: Jeans {BKE}, tee {Daytrip}, sandals {Madeline Stuart}, necklaces {Claires, Forever 21}, bracelet {gift shop}.

Day 134: Jeans {BKE}, tank {Alpine Design}, cardigan {Charlotte Russe}, sandals {old, don’t know!}, bangle {Forever 21}.

Day 133: Capris {Maurices}, tank {Maurices}, tank {Decree}, flats {Merona}, heart earrings {Merona}.

Day 132: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Alpine Design}, cardigan {Merona}, ballet flats {Merona}, butterfly necklace {old, can’t remember}.

Pants {Charlotte Russe}, peasant shirt {Charlotte Russe}, cord jacket {Merona}, Boots {Payless}, headband {Charlotte Russe}, hoops {Merona}.

Day 130: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Merona}, v-neck sweater {Scott, thrifted}, cardigan {So}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, shoes {LEI}, bracelet {gift shop}.

Day 129: Capris {Rewind, thrifted}, tee {Maurices}, cardigan {Merona}, flip flops {Merona}, purse {Necessary Objects, thrifted}.

Day 128: Jeans {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Merona}, hoodie {blue chic}, flip flops {old}, necklace {made it}.

Day 127: Jeans {Tyte}, sandals {Merona}, black tank {Merona}, teal tank {no label, thrifted}, blazer {Issaac Mizrahi, thrifted}, cuff {Merona}.

Day 126: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tee {Vanity}, vest {Charlotte Russe}, jacket {So}, shoes {Merona}.

Day 125: Capris {Maurices}, purple tank {thrifted, I think it’s Apt 9}, sweater {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {Payless}.

Day 124: Gauchos {speechless, thrifted}, pink shell {Merona}, blue shirt {Merona}, boots {Payless}, butterfly necklace {dunno}, long necklace {made it}.

Day 123: Skirt {Requirements, thrifted}, lace tank {thrifted}, cardigan {Glimmer}, sandals {friend’s closet clean-out}, belt {xHileration}.

Day 122: Jeans {Tyte}, black tank {Merona}, cardigan {Merona}, shoes {Merona}, key necklace {Charlotte Russe}, bracelet {made it}.

Day 121: yoga pants {Merona}, green tank {Alpine Design}, hoodie {no tag, thrifted}, shoes {Asics}.


Day 120: Jeans {BKE}, stripey tee {Charlotte Russe}, ballet flats {Merona}, cuff {Merona}, scarf {Made it}.

Day 119: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, green tank {Vanity}, purple tee {Merona}, jacket {Vanity}, bracelet {local gift shop}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, shoes {lei}.

Day 118: Jeans {YMI}, tank, vest, cardigan {Merona}, boots {Mudd}, bracelet {local gift shop}, bird necklace {Forever 21}.

Day 117: Jeans {Big Star}. yellow tee {Wet Seal}, cardigan {Merona}, bracelets {various}, flip flops {Mossimo}.

Day 116: Skirt {Merona}, tank {Alpine Design}, flip flops {Target}, long necklace {Maurices}, earrings {Merona}, sunglasses {Xhileration}.

Day 115: Shorts {Merona}, tank {Alpine Design}, long necklace {Maurices}, short necklace {Aeropostale}, flip flops {Target}, sunglasses {borrowed from Katie}.

Day 114: Capris and gray tank {Charlotte Russe}, flip flops {Target}, purse {Style & Co}.

Day 113: Jeans {Big star}, tank {Alpine Design}, sweater {Scott, thrifted}, flip flops {old}, necklace {Maurices}.

Day 112: Capris {Maurices}, tee shirt {Forever 21}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {Payless}, necklaces {don’t remember}.

Day 111: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, shirt {Merona}, cardigan {Merona}, tank {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {lei}, purse {Chinese Laundry, thrifted}.

Day 110: Khakis {Hollister, thrifted}, tank {NY & Co, thrifted}, bracelets {random}, sandals {Urban Outfitters}.

Day 109: Capris {Merona}, tank {Charlotte Russe}, crochet vest {Banana Republic, thrifted}, sandles {don’t remember}.

Day 108: shorts {Calvin Klein, thrifted}, robot tee shirt {Charlotte Russe}, purple tank {Charlotte Russe}, flip flops {Mossimo}, headbands {Dollar Tree or similar}.

Day 107: Shorts {Merona}, maroon tank {Merona}, tie-dye tank {Licorice}, necklace (Hot Topic}, flip flops {Don’t know}. Got some sun today- yes! Spring is here!

Day 106: Jeans {Big Star}, tee {Merona}, vest {Merona}, flip flops {not sure}.

Day 105: skirt {thrifted, looks like Downeast Outfitters?}, tank {Merona}, cardigan {Merona}, shoes {Payless}.

Day 104: Gauchos {Speechless, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, jacket {So.}, necklaces {random}, shoes {Payless}.

Day 103: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, jacket {Charlotte Russe}, tee {xHileration}, shoes {lei}, star necklace {Hot Topic}.

Day 102: pants {Rue 21}, tank {Banana Republic}. cardigan {Charlotte Russe}, sandals {Merona}, cuff and earrings {Merona}.

Day 101: jeans {Fiorucci}, hoodie {thrifted, not sure the brand}, tank {not sure…}, flip flops from Merona.

Day 100: 100! I rule. Boyfriend jeans {Decree}, tee {Vintage}, vest {Charlotte Russe}, flip flops {Target}, bracelets {various}, earrings {Merona}.


Day 99: Jeans {YMI}, tee {Old Navy}, vest {Wet Seal}, shoes {xHileration}, bird necklace {F21}, bead necklace {Claires}.

Day 98: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tee {Old Navy}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {Payless}, necklaces {Maurices I think…}.

Day 97: skirt {Alyn Paige, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, sweater {Merona}, boots {Payless}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, earrings {Target}.

Day 96: Pants {Merona}, lace tank {thrifted}, black tank {Merona}, cardi {Merona}, shoes {l.e.i.}, necklaces {old, don’t remember}.

Day 95: skirt {Merona, thrifted}, shirt {No Boundries, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, boots {Payless}.

Day 94: Jeans {Tyte, thrifted}, shoes {Merona}, tank {thrifted… duno. And it’s got stripes and rips you can’t see in the picture… it’s totally awesome.}, cardigan {Charlotte Russe}, belt {Charlotte Russe}, necklaces… same as usual lately!}

Day 93: Jeans {Big Star}, thermal {Charlotte Russe}, vest {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {zac & zoe}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, beaded necklace {Claires}, cuff {Merona}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 92: Jeans {BKE}, tank {Merona}, shirt {American Eagle}, shoes {Merona}, cuff {Merona}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, beaded necklace {Claires}.

Day 91: Plaid pants {Charlotte Russe}, green henley {no label, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, scarf {made it from a tee shirt}, shoes {l.e.i.}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, beaded necklace {Claires}.


Day 90: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, long-sleeve tee and sweater {Rue 21}, ballet flats {Merona}, hoops {Merona}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, beaded necklace {Claires}.

Day 89: Skirt {No Boundries}, henley {thrifted, no label}, jacket {Mossimo}, boots {Mudd}.

Day 88: Capris {Speechless, thrifted}, sweater {Merona}, heels {Payless}, cuff {Target, don’t remember the brand}, butterfly necklace {gift}.

Day 87: capris {Rewind, thrifted}, cardigan {Merona}, tank {Merona}, sandals {Madeline Stuart}, necklace {Forever 21}.

Day 86: Jeans {Fiorucci}, teal tank {no label, thrifted}, navy tank {Charlotte Russe}, cardigan {Merona}, shoes {Airwalk}

Days 79-85 are recreations of what I wore in Vegas.

Day 85: Jeans {Big Star}, tee {Charlotte Russe}, hoodie {Charlotte Russe}, flip flops {Mossimo}.

Day 84: Skirt {Requirements, thrifted}, cardigan {Merona}, yellow flats {Merona}.

Day 83: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Merona}, blazer {Charlotte Russe}, belt {don’t remember}, necklace {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 82: Skirt {thrifted, no label}, tank {Merona}, sandals {Vegas gift shop… spent my {emergency} Visa gift card from Christmas on them}, bird necklace {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 81: Grey pants {Charlotte Russe}, tank (Merona}, purple top {New York & Co}.

Day 80: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, vest {Mossimo, thrifted}, tank {Merona}, boots {Payless}.

Day 79: Jeans {Big Star}, tee {Daytrip}, hoodie {Charlotte Russe}, flip flops {Mossimo}.

Day 78: Jeans {Big Star}, tank {no label, thrifted}, cardigan {Merona}, butterfly necklace {can’t remember}, fake pearls {Merona}, boots {Payless}. Headed to Vegas today!

Day 77: plaid pants {Charlotte Russe}. cityscape tee {Forever 21}, cardigan {So/Kohls}, shoes {l.e.i.}.

Day 76: Pants {Charlotte}, striped tee {Forever 21}, cardigan {Merona}, swallow necklace {Forever 21}, boots {Payless}, cuff {Target…some brand}.

Day 75: Dress and cardigan {Merona}, boots {Payless}, necklace {Maurices}.

Day 74: Skirt {thrifted}, pink tank {Merona}, sweater {Merona}, boots {Payless}, belt {Target… don’t know the brand}, necklace {Aeropostale}.

Day 73: Jeans {YMI}, tank {Charlotte Russe}, hoodie {Daytrip}, boots {Mudd}.

Day 72: Yoga pants {Merona}, cardigan {Merona}, white tank, green Chucks. No face paint. Scary, but I don’t plan to leave the house today. 🙂

Day 71: Jeans {YMI}, coral tank {Maurices}, white tank {Merona}, flyaway cardigan {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 70: Pants {Merona… they are a dark blueish grey}, tee {can’t remember}, cardigan {Merona}, flats {Zac & Zoe}, earrings {Target}. Boring outfit because I didn’t plan ahead PLUS slept in! Did some thrift-shopping after work today and did pretty well… I will post on it later. =)

Day 69: Black pants, grey thermal, and safari-ish jacket {Charlotte Russe}. Boots {Payless}, cuff {Target}, earrings {Target}. Dug into my spring/summer gear this week for the slow rotation of the wardrobe {thus the jacket}. More clothing options=happiness!

Day 68: Gauchos {Speechless, thrifted}, tank {Vanity}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {Payless}, blue necklace {Maurices}, bead necklace {I made it with handmade paper beads}.

Day 67: Pants {Charlotte}, sweater {Merona}, white tank {no tag… can’t remember}, black tank {Merona}, boots {Payless}, necklace {Wet Seal.. I think…}, earrings {Target}.

Day 66: Pants {Route 66… bought them for camping many years ago. Haven’t worn em’ since. Hideous, kinda, but alright for a day o’ crafting}, sweater {Merona}, tank {Merona}, shoes Zac & Zoe}, earrings {Target}.

Day 65: Jeans {Fiorucci}, tank {Old Navy}, jacket {SO}, belt {Hot Topic}, earrings {gift}, shoes {Payless}.

Day 64: Jeans {Silver}, tee {Daytrip}, cardigan {Merona}, belt {xhileration}, shoes {Payless}.

Day 63: Pants {Charlotte}, striped tee {Charlotte}, vest {Mossimo, thrifted}, silver ballet flats {Merona}, cuff {Merona}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, beaded necklace {Claires}.

Day 62: Dress {Elle}, boots {Payless}, bracelet Merona}.

Day 61: Pants {Rue21}, tee {Old Navy}, hoodie {American Rag}, purple flats {Zac & Zoe}, belt {Rue 21}, white beaded necklace {Claire’s}, bird necklace {Forever 21}.

Day 60: skirt {No Boundries}, tank {Merona}, green cardigan {Merona}, boots {Mudd}, socks {xhileration}, bangle {xhileration},  necklace {10 years old at least… can’t remember where it’s from}. OMG my knees are on the Internet.


Day 59: capris {Rewind, thrifted}, henley {no tag, thrifted}, black tank {Merona}, flip flops {Wet Seal}, bird necklace {Forever 21}, orange necklace {don’t remember}, ring {JB made it for me in high school jewelry class!}

Day 58: Gray jeans {Converse AllStar}, ruffley navy blue tank {Vanity}, white cardigan {Charlotte Russe}, necklace {Maurices?}, maroon shoes {Mossimo}.

Day 57: Jeans {Big Star}, vest {Mossimo}, shirt {Merona}, tank {Merona}, boots {Payless}, bracelet {Target… not sure what brand}.

Day 56: Gauchos {Maurices}, studded tank {Passport}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {Payless}, bangle {Mossimo}. I swear I didn’t look this sloppy. I was in a huge hurry and only got one take of the picture and it turned out horribly. Haha!}

Day 55: Skirt {Anne Taylor, thrifted}, patterned shirt {Apt 9, Kohls}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {MUDD}.

Day 54: Pants {Merona}, pink tank {Merona}, gray sweater vest {Charlotte Russe}, green cardigan {Merona}, cuff {Forever 21. I think.}, boots {Payless}. I’ve been rocking the curly hair for 4  days because I discovered mouse. How’ve I survived without it all this time??!

Day 53: Skirt {Alyn Paige, thrifted}, black tee with lace camisole {Copper Key}, necklaces {old… don’t remember}, boots {Payless}. Can’t tell in the picture, but the skirt is pinstriped and the tights are textured with a graphic pattern.

Day 52: Jeans {YMI}, gray tank {Charlotte Russe}, gray cardigan {Merona}, brown boots {Payless}.

Day 51: Jeans {Tyte, thrifted}. thermal {Charlotte Russe}, vest {Wet Seal}, maroon flats {Merona}, bird necklace {Forever 21}.

Day 50: Jeans {Silver}, yellow tee {Wet Seal}, gray jacket {SO}, belt {Merona}, shoes {Payless}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 49: green cords {Union Bay}, white tank, black sweater {Merona}, denim jacket {Vanity}, shoes {l.e.i}.

Day 48: Pants {Merona}, green ruffle tank {Vanity}, white shirt {New York & Co.}, vest {Merona, thrifted}, boots {Payless}.

Day 47: Skirt {Merona, thrifted}, black tee, yellow cardigan {Merona}, boots {Payless}.

Day 46: Jeans {Big Star}, tank {Daytrip}, cardigan {Merona}. belt {Merona}, boots {Payless}.

Day 45: Jeans {Y.M.I.}, black tee {Jonathan’s closet…hee}, white tee {chopped up Hanes tee with iron-on heart design for Valentine’s day}, boots {lei}.

Day 44: Jeans {Fiorucci}, tee {Daytrip}, cardigan {Merona}, long necklace {I made it}, butterfly necklace {can’t remember}, purple flats {Zoe and Zac}.

Day 43: Jeans {Big Star}, brown peasant shirt {Derek Heart}, hooded sweater {No Boundries}, shoes {American Eagle}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 42: Pants {Charlotte}, sweater {Mossimo}, flayaway cardigan {Charlotte}, earrings {gift}, shoes {l.e.i.}.

Day 41: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {Merona}, gray thermal tee {Charlotte Russe}, white sweater {thrifted, no label}, headband {Target}. The shape of this sweater makes me feel like a dainty English lass. Ha! I never know how to wear it without it looking such, so why not throw on a prim headband and rock it?

Day 40: Plaid pants {Charlotte Russe}, tank {Merona}, sweater {Daytrip, thrifted}, shoes {l.e.i.}, earrings {Merona}.

Day 39: Gray skirt {Rafaella, thrifted}, red long sleeved tee {Mossimo}, black vest {Wet Seal, thrifted}, black tights {Forever 21}, black boots {Mudd}, earrings {gift}. Bangs… got variety of comments today. 12-year-old {husband}, Russian assassin {friend}, Geisha {Mom}. (: I went a leeeeetle bit hack-happy.

Day 38: Jeans {Tyte, thrifted this weekend! Love them.}, brown tank {Merona}, thermal {Charlotte Russe}, gray sweater {Charlotte Russe}, cuff {Merona}, purple flats {Zac and Zooey}.

Day 37: Jeans {YMI}, tank {Maurices}, orange sweater {thrifted, no tag}, boots {Mudd}, sparrow necklace {Charlotte Russe}, earrings {gift}.

Day 36: Jeans {Silver}, tank {Charlotte}, white tee {Hanes, chopped up}, hoodie {Licorice}, jacket {no boundries, OLLLLLDD}, peace symbol earrings {BKE, gifted}, shoes {Airwalk}.

Day 35: Cords {Union Bay}, black tanks [Merona}, cardigan {Merona}, tattoo belt {Charlotte Russe}, boots {Payless}.

Day 34: Gray pants {Charlotte Russe}, maroon tank {Maurices}, cream-colored shirt {Forever 21}, cardigan {Merona}, purse {Charlotte Russe}, shoes {l.e.i.}, belt {was my grandma’s}, bamboo hoops {Target}.

Day 33: Skirt {Ann Taylor, thrifted}, blue sweater vest {Faded Glory, thrifted}, white tank, gray jacket {SO}, paisley tights {Merona I think- definitely from Target}, boots {Payless}, hoops {Merona}.

Day 32: Pants {Charlotte}, white shirt {New York and Co.}, blazer {Charlotte}, white tank,  shoes {L.e.i.}, button necklace {made it}.


Day 31: One month down! Jeans {Big Star}, tank {Charlotte}, henley {no tag, thrifted}, boots {Payless}, earrings {gift}, butterfly ring {Claires}.

Day 30: Jeans {Hydraulic}, thermal leggings {Merona}, white hoodie {printed label worn off but it’s from Macys 5 years ago or so}, black tee {Hanes, dude-style from a 3-pack}, green Chucks {Converse}, headbands {Dollar Tree or similar place. Those cheapies made for little girls}.

Day 29: Jeans {Fiorucci}, tank {Forever 21}, yellow tee {Wet Seal}, cardigan {Merona}, shoes {American Eagle}, bangle {Forever 21}, long necklace {can’t remember}, butterfly necklace {Aeropostale}.

Day 28: Denim skirt {thrifted}, plaid shirt {Derek Heart}, thermal {Charlotte}, boots {Payless}, tights {Target}, bracelets {misc}, earrings {Merona}, tank {Urban Outfitters}.

Day 27: Black pants {Charlotte}, city tee {Forever 21}, cardi {Merona}, shoes {l.e.i.}, hoops {Merona}. Chopped off my bangs at 430am. That’s how I roll.

Day 26: Khakis {Hollister, thrifted}, white tank, grey sweater {Merona}, scarf {can’t remember… probably from Target}, shoes {Airwalk}, belt {thrifted}, earrings {gift}.

Day 25: Gauchos {Merona}, boots {Payless}, hoodie {Daytrip/ the Buckle}, black tank {Merona}, earrings {gift}.

Day 24: Jeans {Silver}, tee {Old Navy}, hooded sweater {Daytrip, thrifted}, bracelets {gifts, Charlotte Russe, and hand made}, belt {Xhileration}, butterfly earrings {Claires}.

Day 23: Jeans {YMI}, boots {Payless}, striped tee {Forever 21}, henley {no tag, thrifted}, sparrow necklace {Forever 21}, seriously out of control hair courtesy of bed head. I HATE these jeans and definitely need to do something with them. Mini skirt?

Day 22: Jeans {Big Star}, green tank {North Face}, pink long-sleeve tee {Aeropostale, thrifted}, boots {Payless}.

Day 21: Pants, thermal and cardigan {Charlotte Russe}, moccasins {Merona}, necklace {Forever 21}. Granny chic!

Day 20: Pants {Charlotte Russe}, shirt {Maurices}, cardigan {Merona}, boots {Airwalk}, bangle {Merona}.

Day 19. Skirt {thrifted, no label}, pink tank {Merona}, black tank {Merona}, gray cardigan {Merona}, tights {Forever 21}, boots {Mudd}, pearl earrings {not sure}.

Day 18. Jeans {Decree}, white tee {Hanes, chopped up}, hoodie {Mossimo}, boots {Mudd}, earrings {I made them}. This is the worst picture of me in the history of pictures of me. Ew. Also. I’ve had that hooded sweater for like 10 years now. Can’t believe it’s still kickin’.

Day 17. Gray jeans {Converse}, black and white tank {thrifted}, yellow hoodie {Mossimo, tennies {Airwalk}, bamboo hoops {Claires}, bandana {Pac Sun}.

Day 16. Jeans {Silver}, sweater {Mossimo}, tank {Forever 21}, MJs {Airwalk}, belt {Xhileration}, necklace {Maurices… I think. It’s old}.

Day 15. Jeans {Big Star}, brown tank, tie dyed tee shirt {Day Trip}, long-sleeve tee {thrifted}, boots {Payless}, bamboo earrings {Claires}.

Day 14. Black pants {Charlotte Russe}, pink tee {Wet Seal}, purple cardigan {Merona}, star earrings {gift}, black shoes {l.e.i.}, belt {Hot Topic}.

Day 13. Green cords {Union Bay}, brown sweater {Mossimo}, white tank, cream flyaway sweater {Charlotte Russe}, brown MJs {Airwalk}, short butterfly necklace {Aeropostale}, long leaf necklace {Vanity or Wet Seal? Can’t remember…}, fake pearl earrings {Merona}.

Day 12. Blue slacks {Merona}, gray striped shirt {Charlotte Russe}, yellow cardigan {Merona}, black boots {Payless}, scarf {made it from old tee shirts}, hoop earrings.

Day 11. Skirt {Merona, thrifted}, sweater {thrifted, no tag}, black tank, black tights, boots {Payless}, silver hoops {gift}, plastic bracelet {dollar store junk}, .

Day 10. Jeans {Hydraulic}, gray thermal leggings, floral thermal {Charlotte Russe}, maroon tank {Merona}, maroon hooded sweater {Zena Jeans}, brown MJs {Airwalk}, wooden earrings {Claires}.

Day 9. Fav jeans {Big Star}, stripy tee shirt {Daytrip}, gray cardigan {Merona}, tennies {Airwalk}.

Day 8. Grey thermal {Charlotte Russe}, vest {Charlotte Russe}, white tank, brown suede boots {Payless… old}, leather bag {Urban Outfitters}, owl ring {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 7. Black pants {Rue 21}, white shirt {Express, thrifted}, gray vest {Charlotte Russe}, purple tee {Merona}, black loafers {Merona}, filigree earrings {can’t remember}.

Day 6. Plaid pants {Charlotte Russe}, pink shell {Merona}, maroon waist coat {Decree}, long beaded necklace {I made it}, short butterfly necklace {super old, so I can’t remember}, loafers {l.e.i.}, military book bag {oldie from Hot Topic}.

Day 5. Black pants {Charlotte Russe}, purple & gray slub shirt {Daytrip}, flyaway cardigan {Charlotte Russe}, black boots, hoop earrings {Target}, necklace {gift}, cocktail ring {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 4. Thrifted jumper {New York & Company}, white tank, gray tights, green & gray striped socks, black boots {Mudd}. Other stuff: green cupcake barrette, silver hoops.

Day 3. Red long-sleeve tee {thrifted}, dragon tee {old, can’t remember….}, gray jeans {Converse AllStar}, turquoise Mary Janes  {Mossimo}, leather bracelet {gift}, silver hoops.

Day 2. Boyfriend jeans {Decree}, pink and gray Asics {Wish I owned Adidas…hehe}, black long sleeve tee, Run DMC tee. Painted my nails a dark gray {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 1. Skinny jeans {Decree}, a studded tank {Passport}, cardigan {Charlotte Russe} and boots {Mudd}. Silver hoops, cuff bracelet from Target.


9 thoughts on “2010 UWC”

  1. This was so awesome! I loved the capris and boots, which is what I am wearing today. I was googling boots and capris to see if I could really get away with wearing them and up popped cute little you. I love your style.

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