life right now.

Life has slowed down, and it’s good. I just celebrated my 31st birthday camping with my little family of five (counting the dogs, of course), and I’m currently enjoying the beginning of my third week as a part-time-work-at-home mom! A lot of thought and planning went into the decision to stay home, and I know I made the right one. It’s a big change, financially and otherwise, but it’s a good one. The offer to stay working a bit from home was the icing on the cake. I feel so lucky to still have a toe in work-life for the extra income and resume fodder.


That doesn’t mean it’s not still hard. Being a SAHM has to be one of the hardest jobs. I mean, we all know that but it’s hard to know just how taxing it can be to feel like you aren’t being productive, yet still staying incredibly busy all day, til you do it. As someone who can’t sit still and can’t stop making to-do lists, it’s a real mental adjustment. But every day is different. I am in constant view of a sweet baby and her funny sounds and gummy smile. I won’t miss the big or little things. Someone said the days are long but the weeks are fast, and that’s exactly the truth of it. Hannah is almost 5 months old and I while I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in those months, I still can’t believe she’s that old!

I’ve got lots of plans for productive things to do while I’m in my semi-retirement. But not much is happening now except spending time with my girl, taking walks and hanging out in the garden, taking naps together and teaching her about the world. It’s perfect.

unnamed(My coworker & office)

Post topics to come: adjusting to one income, keeping sanity as a SAHM, and a billion-and-one cute baby pics.