come on over.

Welp. Here’s the mash-up I came up with for the new(ish) guest bedroom. Everyone’s officially cordially invited to stay with us.


Duvet and pillow cases are new. Duvet is Thomas O’Brien for Target. Pillow cases are a bamboo fiber set from Target. Blanket across the foot of the bed is a tapestry I picked up on clearance a few months back. Green pillow is super old. I sewed the floral pillow case from a vintage pillow case I’ve been hanging on to for years. {Maybe it’s twin will be a skirt one day. Remember when they were totally the shiz? Pillow case skirts? I still dig ’em.} Everything else was lying around.

I changed my mind on the complete thriftstore boho look in this room because it’s so tiny and the bed takes up most of the room. {Does it feel half-assed and just accidentally non-matching now?}

{I am planning a sorta giant de-junking event for this weekend. Stay tuned.}

sushi night.

Last night I hosted my first-ever sushi-making party at my digs. It was a great success! So fun. On the menu: miso soup, California rolls, tempura shrimp, chicken and vegetables, homemade teriyaki sauce and Sake. Steve even brought Japanese beer.

I assigned each guest with a list of ingredients to provide, keeping them relatively the same, cost-wise. I furnished everything for the California rolls and busted out my new porcelain appetizer plates, condiment dishes, and chopsticks. We learned to make each dish together, as much as my freakin tiny kitchen would allow. Here are the recipes!

Here are Steve and Deanna working on some tempura chicken and vegetables:


We made California rolls. Supposedly none of us had done this before, but I think Becca must have secretly practiced rolling beforehand because hers looked totally perfect.


Getting ready to pour some sake:


Here’s the spread! I can’t believe how much we made and that it all turned out so delicious!


We sat on the floor around my multi-purpose IKEA coffee table. Everyone was a good sport about it despite the lack of leg room. Here we are about to eat!


Score! Sian used chopsticks successfully for the first time!


I totally forgot to plan a Japanese-themed desert! At the last minute I made pink cupcakes and we ate them on Hello Kitty plates. Because… awesome. The guys liked it. :p




san francisco via fish eye

I’m kind of disappointed in how my fish eye pictures turned out. I either need practice, or shouldn’t expect much from a camera with no removable lens or zoom features.

A few turned out ok, however. I do love the vintage feel it gives everything. There are some great tagged alley ways in Ogden that would make a pretty good subject for my next fish eye experiment.

JB and a trolley:


Carousel at Pier 39:


Fisherman’s Wharf:


China Town:


Me, at a pizza joint:


guest room primping.

I am in the market for some bedding for our soon-to-be guest room. We got a new queen bed for our room, so the old one’s been moved to the basement bedroom, which will serve as a cozy little guest room. It’s actually a really nice room with new paint, recessed lighting and carpet, but it’s become an absolutely frightening storage room. We are in serious need of de-junking. I’m hoping that actually making the room nice will inspire us to keep it tidy and not relegate it to a place to store excess junk. We shall see.

I really dig {and can afford to draw inspiration from} the boho vibe of this room:

acampbell-palletbed-2 - design sponge

{Image via Design*Sponge}

Here’s on this week’s agenda:

1. De-junk/organize the room.This is the tricky part because none of it’s my stuff. I admit, I’m one of those wives that banishes my husband’s stuff to unseen areas of the house. But he’d admit none of it is attractive. :p

2. Find a simple, inexpensive duvet cover and bed skirt.

3. Straighten up the closet. The room serves as the place dirty laundry piles up and gets sorted between washing {our washer and dryer are located in another closet}. So long as the laundry can be contained in the closet and out of sight, I will be happy.

4. I have a collection of mismatched vintage pillowcases- I will see if I can use those somehow. Use stuff I’ve already got to decorate it.

I will post before and after pictures. 🙂

i heart san francisco


The hubby and I took a quick trip to San Francisco last week. It was such a great time- beautiful weather, tons of interesting places and people, and good food. I got a new Lomography fish eye camera at Urban Outfitters beforehand. I haven’t developed the film yet, so I plan to do an entire post on San Francisco through the Fish Eye.

Day 1

Arrived in SF. Ate some tasty pizza for lunch and got oriented. Visited the wharf, Pier 39 and the Bay Aquarium. Took approximately 7 photos before my camera battery died, 5 minutes into exploring the Aquarium. Got a junky disposable camera until I could find a battery.

Took a ferry ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. Ate some tasty shrimp for dinner, hubby ate chicken of course. The pier is so pretty at night, though cheesy and touristy. We ended up spending our evenings at the pier like the other rather unadventurous tourists.


Day 2

Took the bus to China Town. Bought some pretty chopsticks and a camera battery (yay!) and fought the crowded sidewalks and markets. It was smelly, insanely crowded, and depressing, strung together with occasional festive bursts of color from many of the shops selling fake Gucci purses and polyester fans.  Took another bus to Golden Gate Park and visited the de Young Legion of Honor museum. Stopped in Japan Town and bought some sushi mats at a market. Took another bus to the beach across the city and played in the ocean. It was absolutely freezing but we did our best to frolic jovially, as my rule is to never take a beach for granted.



Again, another bus back to the pier. Checked out the sea lions and ate fish and shrimp tacos.

Day 3

Walked to Ghiridelli Square, where I bought some awesome paper goods {cute stationary, tiny notebooks, and Hello Kitty stickers… heh}. Walked Hyde Street Pier, happy to be sporting layers. They aren’t kidding about the crazy weather.


Checked out Union Square and didn’t even bother to set foot in a Saks, Bloomingdales, or the like. {Stayed under budget the whole trip, go me!}  Headed to the Museum of Modern Art, where we got to check out the Ansel Adams/ Georgia O’Keefe exhibit and the Richard Avedon exhibit. Both were brilliant! No photography allowed in the featured exhibits, but I took plenty of pictures on the first 2 levels. I have a thing for Roy Lichtenstein.


Took a bus again to Union Square then the subway to the Ferry Building. Ate espresso gellato at a cute little stand then some tiny macaroons at Miette, the cutest tiny bakery in the history of tiny, cute bakeries. Their packaging is as adorable as the tiny treats:


Headed back to the pier for some shopping and dinner. Tried some Cioppino, the city’s most famous dish. It was definitely NOT my thing- couldn’t gag it down! It tasted like Fisherman’s Grotto smelled. The waiter took it off the bill {and we tipped him well for being a swell guy} and I went to In-N-Out burger afterward (Heh). Here’s the Cioppino- daunting, no?


Day 4

Only a couple morning hours to do much, so we walked through the Cannery and took some photos of the bay in the fog. I love that so many of the beautiful old buildings in the city have been kept up and converted into places for yuppies to buy organic coffee and handmade paper goods. The Cannery was once where they manufactured Del Monte brand goods and now looks like this:


Jonathan was a great sport about the entire thing- art museums, seafood restaurants, all that WALKING. He totally gets to pick the next vacation. And yup, I totally do heart San Francisco.



Well, hi.

Welcome to my new blog. If you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging since January 2007 right here.

I’ll be here from now on.

A bit about me:

1. Currently I am 26. Married to my high-school sweetheart, Jonathan. Right-handed. Left-winged. A technical writer by trade. We have an energetic and loyal yellow lab named Sadie, and she always makes me smile.

2. I live in the suburbs of Davis County, Utah. I love my house because it’s full of memories and stuff I love. I like to cook and entertain here. My husband and I {with the help of family} have re-done pretty much everything inside the house, and put lots of time into the yard, too. I rearrange the furniture and decor {frequently} for fun. It’s absolutely never finished, and I don’t want it to be.

3. I prefer old homes with lots of history and plumbing leaks. I prefer cities with culture, diversity and constant action. But I like my situation anyway.

4. I am working on my MBA. I have a bachelors in English from USU. I love to read. I could be a professional student. I wish I had gone to school to be an interior designer. Scratch that. I wish I were ballsy enough to go back and do that now.

5. Love: blogs and blogging. Taking pictures. Writing lists. Jewelry {making, collecting}. Hostessing and entertaining. Hello Kitty. Planning and going on trips. Thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Daydreaming about running away from it all and starting over. Coffee. Office supplies/ stationary/ stickers. Planning outfits. Stacks of clean laundry. iPod on shuffle. Laying in the sun. Hummus and pita. Lip gloss. Cocktails. Irreverent and/or ironic humor. Unlikely style icons. Rain.

6. Hate: people asking when I’m going to have kids. Processed meat. Snow. “LOL”. Television.

I hope you enjoy my new blog, and thanks for stopping by!