31 Day No Spending Challenge – Week 3 Recap

I’m a little late with the recap on week 3 of the 31 Day No Spending Challenge, because we spent the weekend in the mountains. 🙂 We are back a little more relaxed than when we left. An escape is always great!

canned goods1

Week 3 was a busybusybusy one with garden preservation! This is the first summer I’ve done any canning by myself and it’s a LOT of work! But well worth it, I think. Here’s what got done last week:

  • Canned 6 pints of pickles
  • Canned 6 pints of pickled beets
  • Froze 25 2.5 cup bags of peaches
  • Made 10 jars of peach freezer jam
  • Made a batch of kale chips
  • Made two bottles of dilly beans (fridge variety)
  • Dried lots and lots of herbs (lots more to go..)
  • Cleaned and organized the camping trailer
  • Went ATVing
  • Went to a Cooking Club
  • Went to the Aquatic Center (ok – this cost money, but it was el cheapo)
  • Went camping
  • Did a lot of cooking!

I have to confess I did spend some money this week at a thrift store. I went to pick up a couple of produce baskets for picking veggies in the garden, and ended up also getting a few clothing items and toys for Hannah. I also bought canning jars (new), but those were a grocery necessity. All in all, still a good week. Unnecessary impulse buys were at least at a fraction of the retail price, right? :/

The next update will be a recap of the month, as there are only 8 days remaining. In the next 8, I would like to accomplish the following:

  • Get 18 month pictures of Hannah (my sister-in-law is on board to help me, so assuming she can help this week it should get done!)
  • Take yard/garden pictures
  • Can another batch of pickles
  • Dry more herbs
  • Put together our Yellowstone trip plan
  • Clean the trailer and start getting it ready for trip
  • Finish throw pillows

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