31 Day No Spending Challenge – Week 2 Recap

make stuffWeek two of the 31 Day No Spending Challenge is coming to a close. While my grocery plan hasn’t worked perfectly (I had to make another trip this week), we had a good week otherwise. We did end up picking up a few necessities for JB (much needed socks and undies – but what do ya do?) and I grabbed a pair of $3.25 shoes for Hannah on Ebay in her next size – but with my Ebates dollars so they were essentially free. The spending challenge has offered up some funny coincidences. Maybe an hour after winning the bid for Hannah’s shoes on Ebay, my niece came upstairs with a pair of Toddler Size 5 shoes (the size we need) from a drawer cleanout, asking if I wanted them for Hannah. If only I’d waited! She can use both – the ones from my niece are open toe, but they’d have worked out just fine for the next month or two! Funny.

We also went to dinner with some friends last weekend, which wasn’t planned for, but we needed it. We haven’t done much in the way of social stuff all summer except a few cooking clubs, and it was SO nice to get out and eat at our favorite place and talk to grownups. Again, this challenge isn’t about perfection so much as simplification.

nature center

Here’s what I accomplished this week:

  1. Lots of little work projects cropped up, so I got a few extra hours in this week.
  2. Took Hannah to the local Nature Center (already have the membership), on a local trail, and to the library (free fun).
  3. Visited Jonathan’s grandparents.
  4. Made an appliquéd popcicle tea towel for a friend (picture above).
  5. Made two Dresden Plate blocks with the fabric pieces my mom gave me from her stash cleanout. I plan to make them into throw pillows and will hopefully finish that this week (picture above).
  6. Dejunked a few more things and took three boxes of donation stuff to the local thrift store. WOO!
  7. Dejunked, cleaned and sorted the bathroom cabinet in the little bathroom.
  8. Made a peach pie. I never make pie! I hate baking, honestly, but we have so many peaches on our tree and I knew it’d make the hubby happy. 🙂
  9. Had Hannah’s broken sunglasses repaired rather than buying a new pair. (I took them to the optical center at Target and they put in a new screw for free – yay! It’s the little things..)

I didn’t fare well with my goals for the week due to work, so most of them are carrying over to next week:

  • Take yard/garden photos.
  • Take Hannah’s 18 month photos.
  • Put together Yellowstone trip plan (rough itinerary). Time to get serious about this!!
  • Dry some herbs from the garden.
  • Finish 2011 Project Life album (possible blog post on the progress..)
  • Make something. Did this.
  • Possible hike? Did this.
  • Finish Dresden Plate pillows.
  • Preserve (freeze) lots of peaches from our tree.

Two weeks down, roughly two weeks to go!


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