30 Day Challenge – Day 7

I’m a day late posting already, but I’m still going to try to finish the challenge. Today’s post is “my zodiac sign and if I think it fits me.”

My birthday is June 21 and according to most astrology charts I’m a Gemini (though sometimes my birthday falls in Cancer). I think the zodiac signs are interesting, but I’m not sure how much I really subscribe to it. Sometimes it can be eerily accurate, but other times I feel the descriptions are broad another they can apply to people universally depending on the day. {Ironically it’s a sign of my sign that I can’t make up my mind on this!}. But it’s a fun topic.


The image seems to succinctly sum up the wordy Gemini descriptions I found elsewhere. And I have to say that the characteristics all fit me pretty spot-on. The positive characteristics make me pretty agreeable to be around. I like to get people together, riff and banter (though I do flail a bit socially when the other parties are very serious OR I am unsure of their senses of humor). I’m a responsible person, but I don’t want to be too grown-up yet. I’m liberal and accepting unless you’re a jerk.

The negative characteristics are some of the things I dislike about myself – particularly that I can be impatient/restless and impractical. I hadn’t ever chalked it up to my star sign so much as often I consider that I have A.D.D. It’s not really negatively effected my work or relationships with people, however. I try to be mindful about reflecting inward.

I’m absolutely fickle about my interests. I hate this. I try to see things through, but I’m a chronic project-starter; I cannot commit to anything unless it can be broken into small projects that hold my interest long enough to finish and move to the next. I adapt so many things this way (school, work, and personal projects) to keep my sanity. I work in bullet points. I try everything. I master few things. Pinterest and Instagram are horrible for me because anything catching my interest could potentially set me up for an obsession of indeterminate length. Luckily, I’m deeply motivated by being seen as reliable when it matters. If someone’s counting on me for something I will not let them down. But if it only matters to me? Forget about it. I live in profound awe of my husband who barely ever procrastinates and can stay on-task for such a long time.

Do you feel like your zodiac sign fits you? How much stock do you put into it?


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