30 Day Challenge – Day 4

Today’s topic is “my views on religion.”

Oy. Here we go.

I don’t speak for all non-believers, but as an atheist my views on religion (and the world) are:

  • Science and reason is the only legitimate basis for understanding the world.
  • Saying you have to have faith is not a good enough reason for me to believe in it. Reading something from a book does not prove that the book is true, only that it exists.
  • As with law, the burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim. I do not have to prove the lack of existence of something.
  • As humans, we have a responsibility to help other humans and not cause harm to other humans. We are all connected.
  • As Earth citizens, we have a responsibility to the planet and the creatures on it. The planet was not created for us to abuse.
  • Laws should never be based on the moral beliefs of a single religion. No one wants that unless the religion is their own. Your religion is not everyone’s.
  • If a church works to actively influence law (but it shouldn’t) the church should pay taxes. Without question.
  • Everyone should feel safe expressing what they believe, or don’t believe.
  • There is freedom in seeking proof, questioning what doesn’t make sense, and learning about the universe.
  • If you believe the only reason for doing good is fear of punishment, I worry about you.
  • If your beliefs make you a better, stronger, nicer (etc) person, then good for you! The world needs more good people no matter what it takes to get them there. But it’s not the only way to be good nor does it make someone better than others.

Thanks for reading.

I am always up for respectful debate on the topic, but if this post offended or bothered you I would ask you simply find another blog to read rather than send hateful comments. Thank you!


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