30 Day Challenge – Day 1

For April I’m doing a 30 Days of Blogging challenge. There are lots of them out there, but I liked this one in particular because it wasn’t created by a 14 year old on Tumblr (there’s nothing wrong with 14 year olds on Tumblr except that the topics remind me that I’m old.)

30-Day-ChallengeIt’s Day 1, and the topic is a fun one: “Discuss your current relationship.”

It’s hard to believe, but Jonathan and I will be married for 10 years this year (August 27). I’m 31, and he’s been a part of my life for half that; we starting dating when I was just 15. He was a year ahead of me and we went to the same high school, but I actually met him through a friend’s older brother, who was friends with Jonathan’s older brother. We bonded over rock music. We sat in his 1988 Mustang listening to TOOL albums. He wasn’t like a lot of guys I’d known – he was super shy, worked really hard (good at school and had a job), and looking back he’s still the same, solid guy. He’s never tried to be anyone he’s not. If I ever raise a boy, that’s exactly how I hope he would be. He doesn’t think anyone’s business is his, though he will always help anyone who asks. He’s sharp, good with money, extremely handy, and is really good at big-picture stuff. I’ve never questioned that he thinks of me as an equal. He’s a good balance to my flightiness, and he never makes even a sarcastic comment about my obsession-of-the-day tendencies.

hawaiiWe spent the first 8.5 years of our marriage as just the two of us. We both worked, I got my MBA, we did some traveling, raised our two fur-kids, and we fixed up two houses. So we had a lot of time to get to know our adult selves individually and as a married couple. Once Hannah was in the mix, so many things changed about our lives, but it did give our marriage a fresh start, too. It’d been us for so long that getting a new challenge and bonding experience made our marriage feel almost new again. I love seeing Jonathan as a dad. He’s very affectionate and involved in the decision-making. And as the types of decisions parents have to make will change as kids get older, I look forward to this adventure with him as we figure it out together. I couldn’t ask for a better life mate.

The picture above is a favorite of us in Hawaii in 2011 (and over J’s 29th birthday).


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