right now everyday distractions

READING. Just finished Ninth Ward by Jewel Parker Rhodes. Such a beautiful YA novel about a young girl in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Just began The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson. So far so good.

WATCHING. Half the Sky, a mini documentary series that raises awareness of the atrocities happening to women and girls around the world, and celebrates some of the activists and groups making a difference to see an end to the suffering. It’s inspiring and heart-breaking and important and difficult to watch. It’s reinforced my desire to raise a daughter who knows her worth and fights for others.

may every woman(I do not have the source for this – the Pinterest link did not work when I tried to attribute this. But it is not mine; I just really love this. I will try to find the source).


  • To the new Marilyn Manson album, The Pale Emperor. Maybe it surprises people to know I love Marilyn Manson, maybe it doesn’t. All I know is I’m a 30-something white suburban mom and this album has been the soundtrack to my random naptime painting and cleaning stints over this last week. And that’s probably weird. But I think he’s pretty genius and loud gothy industrial rock music makes me feel young.
  • And because I believe in balance in all things, some Mark Ronson techno-pop or belly dancing playlists, both of which Hannah loves.


  • Helping in little ways to get our basement done.
  • Some early spring-cleaning projects.
  • Dejunking (always.. where does it all come from??).

WEARING. Jeans with so many holes in them, my dad said it looked like I was in an explosion. They are my project pants, okaaayyy?


  • My spring garden; looking into a more space-saving way to start seeds that our giant grow light contraption.
  • A trip to Yellowstone in the fall.
  • I am so inspired by the Half the Sky project, I want to help with awareness and doing what I can to support women. It’s time I get involved with a cause. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to start?

What is everyone else into these days?


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