Hannah Jane

On February 2, at 2:30pm, we welcomed our baby girl, Hannah Jane, to the world. 7lbs 8oz, and 20.5 inches long.


We are both smitten and it’s funny how much more complete the household feels with the tiny addition. I can’t really explain how much room and attention and love she takes up but it’s hard to believe.

Two days later my niece, Darcie Marie, was born two doors down from us (the morning of the day we checked out of the hospital). I’m so happy for my little brother and his wife, and for my parents who got to be double first-time grandparents in the same week!


The past 18 days have been an absolute blur with little sleep, lots of cuddles, nursing drama (it’s so hard!), and just kind of a haze of euphoria.


It’s harder than I imagined while still being the best ever. Hannah has been experiencing what they now call “purple crying” but they used to call Colic. Every night from 9-12, or sometimes 1am, she’s inconsolable and it is heart breaking and exhausting for everyone. It’s a phase that should end sometime shortly after I go back to work, but it’s admittedly ruining my image of what I thought maternity leave would be, at least so far (Less relaxed, more like pure survival). The good news is she is healthy and normal. It’s just something we need to get through and probably due after a fairly easy pregnancy and delivery!

I’ll post more soon now that life’s at least resembling a routine. While I didn’t ever plan for this to be a mom-blog, it’s hard to imagine having much else to discuss for the next little while so bear with me and enjoy the cuteness.:)


(Ps – sorry if the formatting of this post is wonky, but the WordPress iPhone app is horrible!!)


4 thoughts on “Hannah Jane”

  1. Eeeeeeee!! I’m delighted for you, she’s beautiful and so is her name! Congratulations to you and your husband and all your family for the wonderful new additions:)

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