bump progress update

Been a while since I’ve posted bump-update photos, so here we are.. I left off at week 16 and that feels like about 4 years ago that I was that small and comfortable. Ha! Welp, here we are starting a week 18 (I think we must have missed week 17 somehow??


IMG_0294 Week 20.. I remember feeling pretty cute around this time. Which lasted approximately 2 seconds.IMG_0299


Yoga pants are the only comfortable thing around this point. Weekends=more awesome than usual.IMG_0310



No hiding the bump in this outfit.IMG_0322

Halloween bump shirt! IMG_0330

This is my favorite shirt to wear right now because it’s so comfy and makes the bump really obvious. I should have worn this one in every picture from the get-go for real progress shots! Next time?



Wearing a shirt that says “kindness matters” and trying to remember that applies when looking at pictures of my no-makeup pregnant self, too.IMG_0350

Starting to feel really giant, knowing there’s still up to 10 weeks to go at this point… IMG_0354I’m actually on the 31st week now but haven’t taken a photo. But I am definitely feeling pretty huge and the backaches / ligament pain are starting to make me pretty cranky. Seriously, it’s not the hormones that are doing me in, it’s the back pain! I have a TON of energy but no physical stamina to get everything done on my (self-induced) to-do list. It’s making holiday-prep and baby-prep a bit challenging.

However, lots of really cool things are going on like lots of baby kicks and movement, Braxton Hicks contractions, and my weirdest-by-far pregnancy symptom, which is that my leg hair has stopped growing. It’s been a month or more since I’ve shaved, which is really convenient timing, albeit a really weird thing!

To those moms who feel like pregnancy makes them hotter, I envy you. It’s a daily struggle to not get down on myself and go anywhere that isn’t completely mandatory (work). But, it’s going great and I have little to complain about at this point. It’s hard to believe that I’m nearing the end (though based on my belly-size only it doesn’t seem possible I’ve got more growing to do!). Looking back on week 8 makes me want to build a time machine and kick myself in the butt for feeling fat.

IMG_0121-0019(ish) more weeks to go!


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