bright and happy Christmas decor

decoratingI decided to do something a little different with the holiday decor this year and go super colorful rather than my usual earth tones. Maybe baby girl is inspiring me to embrace some pink?

This weekend I’ve been slowly working my way around this house taking down the fall decor and replacing it with everything I can find that’s red, green, pink and turquoise to supplement the Christmas decor I’ve got to work with. Throw pillows, mugs, lamps, coffee pot, etc. I LOVE my Varde shelving unit from IKEA, especially for rotating out the seasonal decor. Styling shelves the simplest way to add lots of personality to a space.

dining ChristmasHere’s a shot of the tree (needs a bit more red, don’t you think?), and some white lights wrapped around the banister behind the couch.

living roomI’m working on a few crafty Christmas decor items and will post them soon, and I’ve yet to finish the entryway or mantle! So there’s more decorating fun to be had, but I wanted to share some progress since I had some fun making that first image with the new iPhone app from A Beautiful Mess!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? Do you stick with a color palette? What are you working on this time of year?


One thought on “bright and happy Christmas decor”

  1. I’m so late to holiday decorating every single year. I haven’t even thought about pulling stuff out for the holiday yet. I will, I’m sure. Probably. Maybe.

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