it’s a girl!!

We had our targeted ultrasound this week (the 4D one) and finally got the Big Reveal. At 22 weeks it was finally officially confirmed, we’re having a little girl. We are so excited! 

Here’s the first picture of little missy on the Internet. 🙂 That ultrasound was an amazing experience.  I already adore her little face.

our girlieHitting the midway mark a couple of weeks ago, it hit me that this pregnancy is going FAST. It probably helps that it’s been a relatively easy one (compared to so many other moms-to-be I’ve known). It felt so far away when I found out I was pregnant back in early June, and here we are nearly approaching the string of fall and winter holidays. February will be here in no time.

I feel pretty good, I have energy back again, and I have lots on my mind. Here are a couple things in-work/on the brain, list-style.

1. Nursery. I blogged about my  nursery inspiration boards previously. I’ll have lots of fun winter projects to keep me occupied, like painting the bedroom furniture I had as a kid (thanks for hanging on to it, Mom & Dad!), making a quilt and mobile, and finding/making some artwork.  If its a girl2. Clothes and play stuff (buying & DIYing). Although there is nothing cuter than a newborn in a onsie with gigantic diaper-butt, toddlers in floral Dr. Martins and camo pants are a pretty close second. I’m already collecting some DIY fashion and playtime ideas. A tent or teepee is mandatory. This isn’t going to be any fun at all. 😉baby girl3. A baby book. I haven’t been into scrapbooking for a lot of years, but I definitely want to record some of the fun pregnancy stories, ultrasound photos, and predictions for the future in a little collage-y style book. Something graphic like this (source):

baby book4. The immensity of raising a tiny human. When I was a kid, it never occurred to me that my parents were learning as they went like I was. And even up until being pregnant, I never really gave much thought to that.

A household of kindness, reinforcing healthy body image and general self-esteem, taking care to not push any gender stereotypes, encouraging individuality and free-thinking, being confident in my abilities and intuition as a new parent… these are the things that truly keep me up at night, and make up the reading material on my nightstand. But these are the things I am also truly looking the most forward to- she will be adorable and amazing from the start, but she’ll keep growing into herself as a person, and I get to help shape that, encourage that, and watch that happen. 


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