deck season.

Being someone who can only tolerate temperatures of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, I feel like the year is really divided into only two seasons: deck season, and no-deck season. As soon as the snow is melting and the sun is out, our deck becomes another room of the house. For eating, for studying, for wine-sipping, for cooking… for basically anything that doesn’t require privacy.

Though nothing fancy, the deck was my favorite aspect of this house when we were putting an offer on it (this is two years ago, pre-lawn).


Well, the girl is getting fancier this summer. We are in the process of building it out about 3 feet, and painting it up to match the house. I’m so excited!!! So much so that I can’t stop thinking of how I’m going to prettify it once it’s done. Here’s my Zen-space mood board for the new-and-improved deck:


Mostly DIY here, but I definitely want to paint up the dining table/chairs, add some additional seating, and add some decor to make it lovelier and nice for entertaining.

We’ve got a LOT happening in our yard right now and I can’t wait to mind the details. Some more outdoor living space inspiration from Pinterest:

49ad90c88647f409645b2bc1f444b6c8The stained glass! The jewel tones! This is so pretty.. and actually attainable. Source.


I love everything about this, and it is super low-maintenance. Source.


I think I have blogged this picture 3 times now! Everything looks good with a coat of teal and that door is insanely beautiful. Teal has got to be my favorite color {if I were forced to choose}, and I love the look of it against bright green foliage. Dig the global vibe, too. Source.

So… what are you working on/planning for spring/summer??


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