2012 & resolution recap!



I love to reflect on the previous year’s moments and milestones. Here’s last year, and 2010. Here’s what happened this year:

  • Jonathan turned 30, and we celebrated in Vegas
  • Road-tripped it from Vegas to Death Valley
  • Brought little miss Paisley home!
  • Jonathan spent over a month away from home, working in NM.
  • I completed my first half marathon!
  • Took 5 classes for my MBA (two to go!)
  • Started a (sort of) new job with the company who took over my contract. It’s been a stressful, emotional 6 months helping this small company get up-and-running but I have learned a ton.
  • Said goodbye to my grandma Reta.
  • Concerts.. Fiona Apple & Garbage
  • Hosted a fun Halloween party and one (food-on-a-stick) cooking club (and attended lots of others, o’course).
  • I paid off my undergraduate student loans last summer!! – yesssss
  • Started a garden at the new homestead.
  • Camping at Jordanelle & Yuba Res.
  • Went to NYC! Awesome trip.

As for resolutions.. I made a LOT this year. And you know my theory on goals is to plan big knowing some will probably fall to the side. Here’s how I fared:

  1. Finish the half-marathon & the Dirty Dash – Kinda Win! Finished the half, but was injured for the Dirty Dash so I spectated.
  2. Fit in fitness 4 days a week {I already do this – just a goal to keep it up!} – Fail! After July work got crazy and I somehow let this completely slide. Gotta get back on that plan!!
  3. Get my goal weight and stay there {I have been doing Weight Watchers and I am getting there!} – Fail!
  4. Take 4 classes for my MBA. Win! I took 5.
  5. Pay down $6,000 on my student loans. Win! I paid them off completely!
  6. Save $ for a trip to NYC for my 30th birthday {June 2013}. Win! And we already took the trip!!
  7. Write 2 blog posts every week. Fail! Obviously.
  8. Live super frugally! Scrimp on the unnecessary to pay off student loan debt and save for trip. Kinda win! I didn’t follow this to the letter but definitely saved money this year by gardening, cooking, farmers markets, DIYing, spending more nights in, and making do.
  9. Lastly, some house projects that are our highest priority in 2012:
  • Build a shed – Win!
  • Put in a vegetable garden and an herb garden – Win!
  • Paint interior doors and trim – Win!
  • SUPER organize the garage – In progress!
  • Re-caulk shower, and get new or fix up old shower door {maybe frost it?} in master bathroom – Nope, but I was able to salvage the existing door after all!
  • Hang curtains in the office and spare bedroom and figure out something for the bay windows in the kitchen – Fail.
  • Get outdoor lighting – Got path lighting, but have yet to replace the fixtures.
  • Replace kitchen faucet – Win!
  • Make the laundry room also a functional mud room – Fail.

Mixed results on the resolution front, especially with my fitness goals. :/ You KNOW that means it’s gonna take priority on my 2013 resolutions (or, my intentions will be great, anyway!)

Hope you all had a great year, and the next is even better. ♥


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